Sunday, December 2, 2007

I'll have the #3 special please...

So Richard, Nathaniel & I are having a conversation about "Playboy" magazine. I mean doesn't every parent have those conversations with their 10 y/olds? Seriously, Richard was telling me about this poor schmuck who was cleaning out his house and threw away some old playboy magazines and being environmentally correct deposited them in the recycle bin and left it outside to be picked up. Unfortunately some kids walking to the nearby middle school found them instead and decided to liberate them. I guess they took them to school and, of course, got busted with them. They told the school officials where they got them and this poor jerk gets arrested for providing porn to kids!
So, since this was a bit of racy subject Nathaniel is all ears ~ and when Richard said that playboy was the least offensive of that type of magazine Nathaniel said, "so they only show their naked shoulders?" To which his sometimes too honest parents tell him, "No, they show them all naked." "You mean they show their butt?" "Well yes and the rest of them." "YOU MEAN THE #3 SPECIAL?!" Now, neither Richard or I have ever heard this phrase before because Nathaniel has just made it up ~ but boy we knew exactly what he was talking about! My Son ~ I'm just so proud!

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Anonymous said...

"they show their butt?"
HAHAHA!! I wish I was there for that for sure. From the mouths of babes!!
Love it!! I hope all is well!! Love you!