Thursday, November 21, 2013

Somewhere Between Fall and Winter

It's the time of the year when Fall is ending and Winter is just beginning. Some of the trees are still in full bloom while others have completely lost their leaves, ready for the cold air to invade our area.

This is the view from the window in the family room. Like the leaves on the trees, I feel I have a foot in both seasons in so many ways. I have been doing craft fairs the last 3 weeks. Some call themselves "Fall Festivals" while others are labeled as "Holiday Fairs."

The stores, of course, have holiday decorations up, as do most of the cities and towns in the area. The weather changes on a daily basis. I've put the shorts and flip-flops away (always a sad thing) and yet can't completely get behind bundling up. When I can get away with capris, I still do, and sleeveless shirts still work with light sweaters over them.

In my mind, I am preparing for the cold months ahead. Looking forward to snow, yet dreading the icy cold wind and rain. They say it should be a harsh winter in terms of snow. I like snow days when I have nowhere to go ~ when I can look out the windows and everything is white ~ a real winter wonderland. On days like this, the family is all home, safe and sound. We can put on a movie, pop some popcorn. Hot chocolate is most definitely called for. Soups and stews for dinner are delicious.

I need to stop and appreciate the beautiful colors of fall and the crisp air. Appreciate the now while it is here. Live in the present and deal with tomorrow when it comes.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

It was a quick Halloween here ~ I think mostly cause it was drizzling outside. We normally have tons of trick or treaters here. Tonight we had just under 50. They started right at dark around 5:30 and we were done by 8:00.

And also in the quick category we didn't put the decorations up until about 4:00 this afternoon

They looked pretty good in the dark. We used several little plastic pumpkin buckets and put tea lights in them. Definitely will do that again next year. It was a big hit.

And speaking of looking good, check out our neighbors' window decoration

Nate decided not to go out this year but Julz and her friends all went as cowgirls. I wasn't able to get a pic of them together but here's Julz

Sadie is still in her cone of shame ~ when anyone asked (she hung out on the porch with us) we said she was dressed up as the dog from "Up!"

But the good thing for Julz is that the kids that did go out got TONS of candy. Her bag of candy weighed in at 7 lbs!

Hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween! I'd love to hear about it!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Merida's Adventures in Annapolis

So for Charlie's birthday last year, which was a Disney's "Brave" themed party, I got Charlie a Merida doll.  I also made Merida a few outfits.  I mean a girl has to have options, right?  It turned out to be a great gift for her and she loves dressing Merida up and I have continued to make her outfits throughout the year.

Well the family was meeting up in Annapolis, Md for the day, which is just about half way between Jen and I.  Of course Merida needed an appropriate outfit to wear for the outing so I made this (modeled here by Merida's friend Snow White)
Well, we had a great time in Annapolis.  Unfortunately some of us had a bit too much fun.  At first Merida was doing really well, stopping to smell the roses 
She loved climbing the trees 
She even made a new friend (who am I to judge her "friends")
But then we made a stop here... 
And maybe it wasn't such a good idea to let her have this...
But it was harmless enough  and kinda funny when she started doing stuff like this
Better watch your backside there.
But then when we weren't looking guess she was helping herself to this...
 And the next thing you know THIS is happening
 Now that can't be too safe, especially in her condition. And then she went really overboard with this little stunt
Fortunately the Annapolis police are very understanding... I think we should just let her sleep it off, don't you?
I think next time we take Merida on an outing we'll be watching her a little more closely.  You should take note however, she did not once loose her Tiarra.  Girls gotta have her priorities, right.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Anybody Still Out There?

So yes, I fell off the face of the earth. I can't believe it's been over a year. I have missed writing. I have also missed reading your blogs. I have no excuse. Life has been busy, but not any more than usual. So many times I have thought about writing. Made up great posts in my mind. Even took the pics to go with them. I had good intentions really.

So to catch you up a bit...

Richard and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. Still as much in love as ever!

Nate (16) and Julz (14) are now both in high school. How in the world did that happen already?

Jen got her Ph.D ~ Congrats Dr. Cox!

Jeremy was offered and accepted a full time job at the Daily Times, Salisbury's newspaper.

Charlie (aka Smooshy) is now 3 1/2 and more adorable if that's even possible. She goes to school or as she calls it, "Charlie work," full time and is doing great.

Richard is still at the same job only it has been bought out by Dell so that's been a plus. And yes, that's an Apple computer.  That'll never change!

Me, I'm still sewing.   Still have the Etsy shop and getting ready for the upcoming craft show season. I have 4 shows booked this year. Two in Ashburn, one in Chantilly and one in Annandale.

Well that brings you up to date on our life ... I would love to hear about what's happening in yours.

I've got some great new ideas for posts so keep checking in. As Jack would say "I'M BAAACK!"