Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Opera fan? Me, not so much

Charlotte, my dear mother in law, gave Richard and I tickets to see Andrea Bocelli in concert tonight at the Hard Rock in Ft. Lauderdale. Andrea BocelliAnd to top it off, she drove all the way up here to sit with the kids for us. A really great and generous gift which is why I feel bad that I didn't really enjoy it. Don't get me wrong ~ I LOVE the thought. What she wanted to give us was a nice romantic night out and what she had understood was that he would be singing love songs. Unfortunately what he sang was OPERA ~ all opera, all the time. Someday I might like to see an actual opera. The kind where you get the book telling you the story so you can understand what is happening while the actors play out the parts and sing in Italian with beautiful voices. Andrea Bocelli certainly has that. His voice is amazing but it was hard for me because he sang many songs from many operas all in italian while just standing there ~ barely moving. They did show some clips from him performing in some of these operas but not in sync with what he was singing. So while I appreciate his voice I am not an opera fan and felt very out of place while others around me yelled out things like "Viva Italia" and "Bravo, Bravo". We did have a wonderful 3 hr drive down to Ft. Lauderdale. Richard and I had a chance to catch up on our lives and talk about plans for Christmas. Hard Rock was all decked out for the Holidays and looked beautiful.Image009 We ate dinner at a little Italian Restaurant named Marinos which has apparently been on 441 for 38 years, neither of us knew about but luckily came across and would definitely visit again when we are in the area.
The ride home was a bit longer than the ride down or at least seemed so because by this time we were really tired after having a full day (his at work and mine at the school) and then the drive down, dinner and the concert. Plus my eye was starting to ache which is left over from the Bells Palsy and acts up when I am tired or have been sewing or on the computer too long. Richard's mom did offer us her place in Ft. Lauderdale for the night but Richard had to be in a meeting at 8:00 am the next day and I had a long day at school ahead of me.
I think Charlotte was a bit disappointed that her generous efforts didn't have the desired affect but it was the thought that counted and that was more than wonderful.
So, How was your day?

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