Saturday, December 22, 2007

A sad story with a happy ending!

This morning I woke up nice and early (7:30 on a weekend?) and while everyone else was asleep (my favorite time of the day) I managed to get some straightening done around the house ~ ya know how crazy it can get with house guests! I then fixed two pairs of Jen's pants and figured while everyone was still asleep and I was already sitting at the sewing machine I'd do some more work on this little stuffed elephant I was making Julianne for Christmas. It's the cutest thing ~ she saw it at The Quilt Place one day while she was there with me and fell in love with it. She carried it around the whole time we were in the store and unfortunately they were out of the pattern and out of the fabric they made it from (it's a purple 30's reproduction and minkee). After much begging on her part I asked if they would sell me their store sample but the pattern is something they regularly carry so they don't really sell the samples ~ in other words NO. Anyway she was very disappointed but I promised her I would find the pattern and make her one. She picked out some swirly pink and purple fabric and we checked 3 other quilt shops with no luck in finding the pattern. I did manage to find it on line and got it ordered. They delivered it pretty quickly and I got to work on it ~ but only when Julianne was at school so I could surprise her with it at Christmas. It is not really an easy pattern, made a bit more complex working with the Minkee but I had all the pieces cut out and the head completely done and some of the body... so back to today where I reached down for the bag I was hiding it all in only to find it NOT THERE and the almost immediate realization that I had mistakenly thrown the bag away on Thursday morning while doing a quick clean up in the sewing room. The bag had been sitting next to my little garbage pail and I think I thought it was a bag I had emptied the garbage into cause to look in the bag really quick, it looked like scraps! I have to tell you I was devistated and even started to cry! I was so excited about surprising her with this gift (she's been asking all along if her pattern had gotten in so we could get started making it) and I had done so much work on it ~ and it was all gone! I called the quilt shop to see if their backordered patterns had come in thinking maybe I could pull an "all nighter" and get it done ~ but it hadn't. I did end up apologizing to Julianne and telling her what I had done, promising her that I would again order the pattern and make it for her. She was sad but very understanding but I still felt so very bad ~ I was just in such a funk about this.
But this story does have a happy ending. I ended up calling "The Quilt Place" again, told them my sad tale of woe and guess what ~ They sold me their sample!!! Julianne will have the original one that she fell so in love with! Let me tell you this place has a customer for life and I will have one very happy little girl on Christmas morning and really isn't that what's most important!
So, How was your day?

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