Thursday, December 27, 2007

Such a busy day

Once we peeled Nathaniel away from the Playstation he and I took a trip to see the eye doctor and I'm happy to report he DOES NOT need glasses. He had taken an eye test at school and they recommended he see an optician. They found a minor issue with his vision but nothing that prevents him from seeing everything well and they say he'll actually grow out of it so we are free for the next two years. Surprisingly my eye sight is no worse either. I was afraid between the Bells Palsy and the diabetes, that my eye sight would take a hit but other than my right eye being really dry I'm still good with my over the counter readers. He did tell me to NEVER put Visine in my eyes ~ he said it's actually bad for your eyes. He says any other brand is fine ~ interesting!
While Buggy and I were at the eye docs Richard and Julianne wandered around the plaza and found something we all just fell in love with ~ A little Sadie. DSC02067 It's an American Eskimo puppy. She really was cute but quite a handful and I can't see spending $900 for a little bundle of energy that I'd have to deal with ~ but boy was she cute and fun to see what Sadie must have looked like as a puppy.
We took the tree down tonight ~ YEAH! and put my hutch up DSC02080 and filled it with "most" of my Tinkerbells ~ Here's my newest DSC02082
And while we did that the kids actually played together and got along.. Here are a few rare photos.. DSC02070 DSC02073 Looks like she was getting the best of him but he was letting her and enjoying it all the while.
Tomorrow we are going to hit Universal Studios to see the "Grinch" and Saturday I am heading to Tampa to get my hair done by my favorite sylist and spend the day with some friends.
So, How was your day?

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