Friday, November 30, 2007

A frog update

Well I know you all are dying to hear the rest of the frog story so here goes... I very very reluctantly got into my car after pounding on seats and generally making as much of a disturbance as I could to see if the frog was still there. Drove over to "The Quilt Shop (yes, that's actually it's name) ~ all the while watching out for the evil toad, just knowing it was going to show up at any minute and land on my face! Actually at one point in my drive I was sitting at a red light right next to a cop car and I just knew that would be the moment the frog would pounce... and I'd let out a huge scream and jump out of my car, forgetting to put it in park and it would roll into the intersection and cause an accident ~ try explaining that one to the cops! Well I arrived safely at the Quilt Shop with no amphibial sitings. For the next 7 hours I forgot all about my little froggy although I did opt to eat lunch at Subway since I could walk there instead of driving... and driving home from The Quilt Place I was much more at ease, assuring myself that the frog must have jumped out. Later that night we went out to eat and I did take a glance around the inside of the car before getting in but still no frog. Well, Richard drove us home and just about the time we pulled into the driveway we were talking about the frog and all of a sudden he says "Look there he is... right on the dashboard in front of the steering wheel." Not funny at all I say ~ until I looked and lo and behold ~ that's exactly where the little sucker was ~ Right in front of me the entire time. Richard did manage to catch him and set him free in the grass but I still get the creeps every time I think about him in there with me the entire time!

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