Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Up and Down

It's been an up and down day today. I didn't have to go to the school today (the only day this week) so I thought I would be able to get a lot done. Lets see, there is the rest of the inside decorating to do so we can actually sit on the couch or eat at the table ~ they are currently covered in Christmas stuff! Then I was going to get some of my gift sewing done (I currently have about 8 items on the list). Well, my darling son who I love to death (ARGHH!) forgot his lunchbox so I headed out to deliver it after unloading a bunch of stuff out of one of the Christmas bins (so there is now MORE stuff on the couch) and while I was out decided I needed to get some stuff at the grocery store which took longer than I anticipated and was more frustrating than I needed. We have some of the rudest people here, I swear, and I've met most of them at the grocery store! Today's winner was an older woman standing by the greeting cards with her cart blocking the entire entrance. I thought I'd be nice and walk around the other way to check out the new quilting magazines on the rack but after I was through (No, honey I didn't buy any ~ thankyouverymuch), I realized I was now blocked in both ways so I asked the woman if she could "please" move her cart so I could get through ~ she looked at me and said "No, you can walk around!" Fortunately about that time the other person blocking me in moved so that's just what I did. It's not what I wanted to do ~ I wanted to tell her how damn rude she was but my mom always told me to respect my elders. So, not 5 minutes later I'm walking up another isle and there are two other women talking and one of them has a cart partially blocking the isle and my old lady friend pokes her in the arm with her bony finger and then points at the cart (letting her know to "move it". ) The same damn woman who wouldn't move her cart for me is now poking someone else and rudely pointing at their cart to move it ~ not even asking nicely like I did. I really wanted to say something then to her but I didn't. I did however, tell the woman she poked what the same woman had said to me, not minutes before and we both got a laugh out of it and decided she was just a miserable person and we were better than her!
Once I got home I was unloading the groceries and while putting cartons of soda (Pespi products were on sale!) into the fridge in the garage I tripped over my son's skateboard (ARGHH again) sending a carton of Sierra Mist flying and of course busting open once it hit the floor, spraying me and the garage with nice sticky soda! Now, I'm really delayed cause I have to get a bucket and soapy water and scrub the garage floor so the ants don't invade the place and then take a shower and change my clothes so the ants don't invade me. By this time it's time for the kids to come home from school and I have not done any more on the decorating and haven't even turned my sewing machine on! This is about the time that Julianne has realized that she left her math workbook at school so once again I'm headed for school ~ so much for not having to go in today! Once I got them through their homework though things looked up and thanks to my darling husband who brought home Chinese food for dinner, I was able to get three things sewn on my list. The first is a surgeons cap for a friend of ours who is a transplant surgeon in Jacksonville.
DSCN0214 Just perfect for the holidays, doncha think?
The second is a screen bag for the music teacher at school. Not only do both Nathaniel and Julianne have her as their music teacher, she is also the director of the "Strings" orchestra at school which Nathaniel is a part of. We will give her this after his concert Thursday night.
DSCN0213 I have to say Nathaniel gave me the best compliment on this bag. When he saw it he said "Wow, you always make things for people that they will really love, thanks!" Coming from a 10 y/o I think that's a mighty fine compliment.
Lastly, this isn't really a Christmas present but we have a wonderful volunteer person who works at the school full time and she has been so helpful to me. Everyone calls her Aunt Grace and so when I found this fabric I knew I had to make something for her with it so here is Aunt Grace's bag too... DSCN0210
So I feel good about getting 3 things done and I'm almost done with another miniature reproduction quilt for a little girl in Jacksonville. I should be able to finish that tomorrow.
Richard also put up the lights on part of the house. We need to get a couple more extension cords and some gadget to plug our lights into the flood lights outside. But so far it looks good!
Well that was my day. So, how was your day?

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Trish said...

My favorite thing to complain about is rude people at the grocery store, blocking the aisle. I'm happy to know there are no shortages of inconsiderate people who think that the grocery store is open only for them!