Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Nothing much is new...

Nothing much is new here which, I think, is a good thing. The lawsuit seems to be going away ~ but the neighbors are still here. Kids had no school yesterday so we mostly goofed off. I helped Julz with a school project ~ making a paper bag character from a book, part of a book report. We also went to the craft store and made a few purchases as Nate wants to make his "friend" a bracelet for her birthday on Sunday. I'll post pics when it's done ~ but how cute is that. He also bought her a beanie baby and he wants to put the bracelet on its neck and give it to her. Speaking of Nate ~ Here he is with his friend Nick on their rip sticks. In case you don't know what a rip stick is, it's like a skateboard but the two ends move independently. If it weren't for the fact that I'd kill myself on it, it would be a great exercise as you have to kind of shimmy to move on it. My boy's a natural on it though. And doesn't he just look too cool!

I haven't gotten much sewing done but plan on remedying that today. I made spinach lasagna rolls for dinner last night, inspired by my Jennifer and they turned out really well. I served them with a spinich salad so my kids definitely have their iron for the day. I actually made a double batch and froze half so when my friend Ann comes next week for a visit, that'll be one night I really won't have to cook ~ I can just pop those babies in the oven for a quick and yummy dinner. I also set up a night when I have the babysitter coming so us adults can have a nice dinner to ourselves. I think we will go to "City Bistro" cause it's my current favorite, especially since R.J. Gators did away with their pineapple mango salsa ~ the nerve of them!
Well I've bored you enough for now... off to get my shower and start the day! So, How was your day?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Universal Studios

Here's our day at Universal Studios. This is actually a very cool restaurant which we didn't get to go into cause it's closed but it's much better food than your normal theme park burger stand.

This is a closer view of the above restaurant. The kids (and I) are so happy to have Richard home, even if it's just for a day and a half.
This is my all time favorite roller coaster "The Hulk." It shoots you out of that tunnel and it's all flips and rolls from there. It's also one of those coasters that goes from standing still to extremely fast in just seconds.

Here we are in the land of Dr. Seuss. Yes my kids are a bit old but we all still really enjoy it.
This is my favorite all time picture of the day. It's a rare day when my son will sit still and let his sister give him a kiss. They really are great kids.

Well that was my day at Universal Studios. So, How was your day?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Catching up...

To do some catching up with photos this time... Here is Nathaniel's completed (phew) science project. DSC02231 He got a "180 out of 200" which I think is not bad but boy did we have to pull it out of him. He procrastinated on every step of this project and got it in just in the nick of time. It's all about paper airplanes and how far different shapes will fly. I'm so glad that's done. I'm already dreading next year!
Here are my two monkey kids amusing themselves while we were in So Fla on Wed. They were eating those fruit by the foot thingees that have tattoo's on them. Goofy kids. DSC02240 DSC02241
DSC02246Here's what I was sewing on Thursday. It's a surprise for Jen... well I guess it's not much of a surprise now since she reads my blog on a daily basis. It should get to her on Wednesday. She's a big snoopy fan.
Richard arrived safe and sound today. We actually made it to Universal Studios (no black out dates now) and I will post some pics tomorrow hopefully. Tomorrow morning we will head to So Fla again to see my MIL who's a bit under the weather. In the mean time I need to go get Rich's laundry done so he can repack to leave again first thing Monday morning.
So, How was your day?

I'm still here....

I know it's been a while since I posted but with Richard out of town, I've sure had my hands full. He left Monday evening and Tuesday all hell broke loose. Tuesday's mail started it all. I heard the mailman (well, mail woman) coming down the street and asked Nathaniel to go outside to get the mail. He comes back and tells me the mailperson says I "have to" come outside. Being the obedient person I am (ha!) I go outside only to find that I have a certified letter to sign and she was too lazy to bring it up to the door. I mean, isn't that her job? To add insult to injury it's a letter from a lawyer telling me we're being sued!!! Long story here but it's a bogus attempt to get money from our non existent home owner's policy. Needless to say I was freaking out for a few days there but looks like it may just "go away" thanks to some advice from another attorney. I'll keep you posted. Wednesday found me keeping the kids out of school and driving to South Florida to take care of some personal stuff. We got home a little after 9:00 so by the time they got fed, bathed etc. they got to bed very late. Thursday was a bit of a wash for me. I did get some sewing done to get my mind off things but not much else. Friday was a bummer too. Richard was supposed to come home but is now coming home today. We have to leave to pick him up at the airport in Orlando in a couple of hours ~ but we are gonna head over to Universal Studios for a few hours before coming home. Gotta use up those annual passes before they expire next month. Unfortunately he'll be flying back to Houston on Monday... so another week starts again. I will get him to upload some pictures tonight so my next post should be a bit more colorful. Well I'm off to go dry my hair. So, how was your day.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Introducing the newest member of the family

Bryce William arrived earlier today. I don't have too many details yet but will let you know, when I know more. I assume new mom Alex and baby Bryce are doing well. Isn't he just so beautiful. I'll just bet Alex, Adam & Tyler are thrilled. My congratulations and love go out to all of them! Welcome to the world baby B.

I now have a bit more information... Bryce was born at 2:39 pm and weighs 7lbs 10oz and is 20" long... one more pic too... I'm already in love!!!

My son the rocker

So Richard, Nathaniel & Julianne watched "School of Rock" last night and now Nathaniel has decided he wants an electric guitar but also wants to take lessons ~ which I guess is a good thing. He's actually pretty good at picking out tunes on Richard's guitar. Doesn't he just look like he was born to rock?DSCN0411
Hopefully he'll never be as disgusting as Jack Black. So, sorry. I just can't want to like him although I admit the part of the movie I saw had it's moments in spite of him.
Oh and here's Queen Sadie in her pink coat she got for Christmas. She really thinks she's "all that" when she wears it and it's actually been cold enough for her to wear it. DSC02224
I know I told you yesterday about my friends coming over for a visit. We also had this visitor yesterday and Richard snapped a picture. She was very translucent and glittery. DSCN0404
And one last picture.. Here's me and my baby girl ~ exhausted after a hard day of playing with my friends yesterday! DSCN0412 I think I am asleep with my eyes open here ~ creepy, huh? It's still a left over side effect from the bells palsy. There may not be too many pics here for a few days. Richard had to fly out to Houston this evening and he was my photo uploader and all around superman so I may have to get really descriptive on my blog! That was my day. So, how was your day?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Just too much fun

I had so much fun today that I was a total blog-slacker. My quilting gal pals from Tampa drove over to spend the day with me sewing, chatting, eating, just generally having a good ol time and I planned on blogging to the world about it. Problem was, we were having such a good time together that I completely forgot to take pictures. Well I took two. DSC02225 This is Peg, "Dear" Prudence and Deb sitting at my newly skirted tables. DSC02226 And here we have Gail and Mary Catherine at the dinning room table. We were all doing serger projects and Mary Catherine is our serger "queen" in that she knows more than most of us together know about sergers. They made great time in getting here ~ It was a race for me to get out of the shower and dressed before they arrived. Once here and all the equipment brought in (and there is TONS of that) the subject quickly became lunch. Richard was our hero and ordered us all Chinese take out and even went and picked it up for us before he and the kids headed out to his office. While we were waiting for our lunch to arrive we warmed the sergers up by me showing them how to do the tissue covers that I have been doing for the "25 weeks of Christmas" yahoo group that I joined. They all loved them and they were so quick that a few of them did two. Now here is where I dropped the ball cause I didn't take pictures of any of the stuff we worked on. Oh, and we also did show and tell which I didn't take pictures of ~ some blogger I am! In any case we really really enjoyed being together again. I have missed all of them terribly and since our friend Peg is moving to Germany in the not to distant future we are going to try to get together again before very long only this time we will gather at "Scrap & Sew" in Tampa for a Friday night sew-in which goes on till midnight. I'm already looking forward to it. Deb showed everyone how to do these really cute skirts made from cut off jeans and 4 layers of ruffled fabrics. No one got theirs all done (do we ever?) but I think everyone got the idea and a good start on their project. I also showed some of them how to do wonder wallets (some had already done them) and those got made as well. Gail and I both made this matching set (left overs from her skirt project). Aren't they just too cute.DSC02229 I may just have to keep this set.
We started wrapping things up about 6:00 and Prudence left to meet with her brother in Orlando and the rest of us went out to R.J. Gators for a bite before they all headed back to Tampa. The food was okay but not nearly as good as it usually is. Isn't that always the way. The other bad thing is that they have now (as of 2 days ago apparently) done away with their pineapple mango salsa that is just to die for. I may never go back again! Well good bye's were said and they all arrived tired but safe back in Tampa. I loved that they came all this way just to see me ~ these are true friends and I am thankful for every one of them.
So, How was your day?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Chinese Acrobats Make Me Sick

Literally! Today I went on a field trip with Julianne's class to see the Golden Dragon Acrobats perform. It was a very loud but thankfully short ride to the King Center at Brevard Community College. Here's my brat with her friends Sarah & Tia (who by the way have mastered the art of 3 way calling!)
DSC02215-1 In any case we managed to get them in and seated along with what seemed like every other class from every other school in this county and every other county in the state ~ That's a lot of kids and lot of noise. The kids sitting behind us seemed to be from a small, less fortunate school and the two kids directly behind me yelled through the entire performance. The teacher never did anything about it mostly because she was really old and couldn't hear. Before the performance they were trying to ask her something and yelling her name ~ but she couldn't hear. Even when the child next to her finally tapped her on the arm and tried to explain that child XYZ needed her, she still couldn't understand what they were saying. I know it was loud in there but even me, with my terrible hearing could hear and understand. I guess that's yet another problem with schools in "troubled" areas is that they end up with the teachers no one else would hire thereby ensuring the low quality of the education and turning out less than desirable students... but I digress... back to the show. It was really amazing to see these talented performers ~ not a completely flawless performance which I actually thought made it better. Sometimes they make it look so effortless you think it must be easy but a slip up here and there ~ you know they are working hard. As for them making me sick ... there was a point in the show where this one guy ends up balancing on one hand. No biggie, right? Except he was on a chair ~ that was very precariously leaning on another chair which was stacked on another chair which was stacked on about 5 other chairs which was on top of a 10' tower. Oh My God! I'm not sure if it was the mom in me or what but I couldn't watch. I wanted to tell him to "stop fooling around and get down from there before he got hurt." It really made my stomach go into knots and I had to look away. I loved watching the rest of the show ~ very colorful and the music was perfect and the people were beautiful but this guy kinda freaked me out.
Well we managed to get all the kiddos back on the bus and back to school safely.DSC02219 Next month I am supposed to go on a field trip with Nathaniel's class to FP&L on Hutchinson Island which is about an hour trip. YIKES. I think I'll borrow Richards Ipod and try to drowned out the noise of 50 screaming children.
DSC00106.JPGSpeaking of next month I just found out that my friend Ann is coming all the way from Oregon to see me for a few days. I'm so excited. She and I became friends when her son Dakota and Julianne were in the same kindergarten class. I take that back, we didn't become friends until the summer after that. The year the kids were in class together I thought she was a total snob! She's not really but it's a standing joke with us so I had to say it! In any case I've since gotten her hooked on quilting so she will spend her days here with me hopping and shopping the quilts shops and sewing until the wee hours of the night. Good thing I have a very understanding husband as does she for buying her the ticket ~ thanks Devon. Wonder if he knows that the plane fare is such a small part of the hit his credit card will take?
DSC02223In other sewing related news... my girls from Tampa will be here on Sunday to sew with me. It's the first time they are visiting here (except MC who came on her own a while back) and I'm really looking forward to it. My sewing room is still a disaster area but I made these table skirts to try to hide some of the mess ~ Flamingos ~ go figure! I guess I still need to clean the mess so all 5 of us can get sewing and cutting and gossiping and eating all at once!
Well that was my day. Check out my son in law Jeremy's blog to see their adventures in the snow. Jen's brother Josh is visiting with them this week so they are hoping for enough snow to play in. So, How was your day?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My daughter, the vet!

So here's Julianne all decked out for career day at school. It's cold enough here today so that she had to wear a turtle neck under her scrub shirt. She was so excited about today that she actually woke up on her own (actually she says she woke up every hour or so all night ~ she'll be one tired little vet tonight). DSC02209 She's just too cute when she wants to be.

For those of you wondering how Buggy's date went this weekend ~ IT DIDN'T. Silly girl hadn't told her parents of the plan so she didn't give Bug her phone number, but instead took his so she was supposed to call him. I know ~ don't call me, I'll call you and all that. But seriously, she never called. I'm not sure how much it bothered him. He really didn't say much about it and stayed busy all weekend with neighborhood friends. Still, I felt bad for him. Either she chickened out about telling her parents or they said no. Still I think she should have called him. It'll be interesting to see what her excuse is today when they go back to school.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Monday, January 14, 2008

And the winner is....

Monnik! If you'll email me privately with your address I will get those coasters in the mail to you ASAP! I've been busy sewing today and feel I got a lot accomplished. I finally made a purse for my favorite outfit/dress. I love this dress because it is so comfy and I can just throw it on and I'm ready for anything except it has always "needed" it's own purse. I've had the pattern and the fabric sitting out for months just waiting and today was the day. How's it look? It also got it's own wonder wallet too.DSC02207
Now if I could only find more dresses like this one or maybe learn to make my own ~ the possibilities are endless.
I also made these wonder wallet/tissue covers. DSC02205 They are part of the 25 weeks of Christmas group I joined. The thing is, these probably won't last until then. I like giving stuff away too much. Oh well, still fun to make. I will probably make a purse to match these as well.
Oh, and here's a set I made the other day for Angie.. DSC02201Think she'll like them? The kids picked out the fabric. Hopefully she'll get them today.
Last but not least ~ Here's the most recent picture of our Sadie ~ DSCN0396 In the den, under the covers. Silly dog.
That was my day. So, How was your day?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

A good Saturday

Today was a pretty good day ~ nothing earth shattering ~ just good. Tuesday is "career" day in Julianne's class. They'll all come to class dressed as what they want to be when they grow up. Julianne has decided she'll be a vet so yesterday I made her a scrubs top ~ red with doggies all over it and a scrunchie to match in red with black puppy paws. It turned out pretty good. I had some issues with the front neck but once I actually paid attention to the directions I got it right. It's hard for a quilter, used to using a 1/4" seam allowance to use a 5/8" seam allowance. Man that is HUGE. I will post pictures on Tuesday when she is all decked out and ready to go. I want to find a toy stethoscope for her to wear around her neck. Got any other ideas for me?
Julianne went to work with Richard for a few hours today so Buggy I had had a nice quiet day. He played outside for quite a while which allowed me to get a lot of laundry done but then he came inside and we snuggled and watched TV for a bit. I love "snuggle" times. He promises we'll still do this when he is 18 ~ I sure hope so.
A big ol birthday shout out to HANNAH! Hannah turned 13 today ~ she is officially a teenager and a real sweetheart. Happy Birthday Honey!DSC01314 Don't she and Julianne look so cute. I have to tell you, they have been doing this "dress alike" thing almost as long as they have known each other. Unfortunately they only get together once a year or so but we always try to find or make at least one outfit alike. Here's another one for you... This was taken back in 2002 when they first came to visit. I think Julianne is 2 here which would make Hannah 6 ~ where does the time go? Well that was my day. So, How was your day? Remember only one more day to get a comment in and be eligible for my coaster give away.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Somedays I really miss living in North Carolina

But today ~ not so much! Their weather today in Raleigh is a high of 67 with a low of 39 and a 70% chance of rain. Here it is a high of 72 and a low of 62 with no rain in sight. I've been talking quite a bit with my North Carolina friends (even the ones that are no longer in NC) and it makes me miss them and being there. I do love a crisp autumn day and making soups and stews in the winter. I love how pretty it looks when everything is blanketed in fresh snow then I remember... getting stuck in the house for long periods of time because EVERYTHING closes when it snows and all the missed school days that have to be made up on the days you were planning something really fun. I don't miss raking up all the leaves in our "heavily wooded" property that we thought sounded so cool when we first moved up there. DSC02202And then I walk outside this morning in my sleeveless shirt and feel the cool breeze that makes the palm trees sway so nicely and feel the sun on my face and I am grateful, at least for now, for being here. Maybe someday I'll be back there hopefully surrounded by family and friends and I'll be happy to being there ~ really grateful for being alive. Until then ~ I am one happy gal, soaking up the sun. And speaking of happy here are my two youngest actually looking like they are getting along ~DSC02203 but don't be fooled it's just that his sister had her game boy and he didn't so he sat close enough to share hers. We ate dinner at Uno's which I normally enjoy but tonight was kind of a disappointment. The food just wasn't up to it's usual standard and it seemed much louder than usual and our waiter was just so so. I guess you win some, you loose some.
Well hubby and I are off to watch the last couple of episodes of the first season of Heroes. Have you seen this show? When it first came on last year I watched an episode or so but hubs was away doing his 6 months in Va and I missed an episode or two and really didn't catch up or on to it, but he mentioned he would have liked to have seen it from the beginning cause it seemed fairly interesting. Santa Claus brought him season one this year and he and I are so very hooked on this show now. We are 2 episodes away from the season finale and are already freaking out over how to get season two immediately! I unfortunately know a little about how season two ends although it could be one of those very misleading cliff hangers. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. Something I'm not very good at!
So, How was your day?

My son has a date!

Okay so even I think 10 is a big young for a date but it is pretty harmless. We will first go over to this girls house to meet her parents and then Rich, Julz and I will accompany them to the movies. Nate has requested that we sit in front of them rather than in back of them so he doesn't feel like we are watching him the whole time. I'm wondering how I will NOT turn around ~ fortunately I have Julz for that and for those of you who know his little sister, she is a tattler from the word GO ~ so I'll be informed. We are going to see "National Treasure" so that'll be a fun albeit long movie and maybe some ice cream after. I would love your thoughts on this "date". Do you think he's too young or do you believe as I do that it's pretty innocent at this point. I don't think I'm being naive. I know my son pretty well and I do know this girl from his class. They are both good kids. They are at the age where they are trying to figure out what this whole boy/girl thing is about and that's okay as long as it moves very very very slowly. I'd rather be on their side so that they will continue to talk with me about it rather than banning it and having them try to work something out on the sly. DSCN0266CSo here they are slick boy and nice girl. Good thing my son doesn't read my blog ~ He'd be furious! So, How was your day?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

It's the big 100

Woo hoo! This is post #100 for me and in honor of that I'm doing another "give-away." Anyone that posts a comment from now till Sunday will be eligible for these cool and cozy coasters made by me and if I get enough comments I'll offer up some more stuff!
DSC02195 So come on people, leave a comment. These are the best coasters you'll ever own! hee hee

On a more serious matter we had a nasty accident between here and Tampa today... 70 vehicles and 20 of them were tractor trailers spanning 14 miles. Looks to be caused by a "controlled" burn that got out of control and drivers drove into smoke so thick you literally couldn't see your feet. They couldn't even get the helicopters in to airlift people out and one poor guy was in his car for 5 hours before they could get him out. 38 people were taken to hospitals from Orlando to Tampa and there were 4 fatalities. Makes me realize how precious life is ~ I've driven that road so many times. As a matter of fact I've made that drive twice in the last month so kiss your kids and tell your friends and families that you love them and say a prayer for those who now can't.
It's a new year and I for one, plan on making it the best ever. I"ve got a lot to look forward to in my life this year ~ new babies being born into the family and a Granger family reunion (my moms family) this summer that I am really excited about. My kidlets are getting bigger and smarter and more beautiful by the day. I'm looking forward to spending time with friends here, there and everywhere ~ I want to make the most of my life and enjoy it, get healthier and maybe even try to do my part to make at least my corner of the world a better place to live in.
So I guess I do believe in New years resolutions after all.
Well that was my day. So how was your day?

Time to give it up

Time to give it up ~ your blood that is. January is National Blood Donor Month and I just came from from this site...

MaNiC MoMMy - GiVeR oF LiFe, WRiTeR oF WoRDS, LoViNG SPouSe. eNouGH? aPPaReNTLY NoT!: I Donate Blood - Will You? CONTEST!

Give it a look over. I know it gave me the inspiration I needed so I looked up a place to go and here's me ~ giving blood for the first time in waaay to many years. DSC02199

Seriously it's a great blog ~ very entertaining. Please check it out and think about giving some blood this month. You will save a life and if you post proof of giving blood on the web site mentioned she's doing some cool give aways. Good luck and so, how was your day?

Monday, January 7, 2008

It should be a National Holiday


Just my humble opinion but I really believe this should be a National Holiday ~ I mean, come on ~ It's Kenny! Just don't give the kids the day off school please.

Looking towards Christmas 2008 already

So it's been a wild, crazy, fun & hectic holiday but alas it is time to move on ~ to next Christmas. I know you are thinking I'm nuts but I always want to make cool stuff for people for Christmas and yet at the 11th hour I abandon all thoughts of hand made gifts and hit the mall. This year I've joined a group called "25 weeks of Christmas" and the goal is to start making your gifts waaay ahead of time ~ like starting 25 weeks before Christmas and do 1 gift a week. Actually they have you begin now with small stuff like tissue covers, wonder wallets, coasters, etc. as kind of extra stuff to put in your "stash" and you can give these out all year as quickie birthday gifts etc. so that is my goal ~ wish me luck, I'll need it. Here's just a part of a gift I've started. It's the wallet & eye glass case. It'll eventually have a checkbook cover, mirror in a pocket , tissue cover and maybe even a purse. Let me know what you think ~ it could be for you!
Kids went back to school today PHEW! Jen and Jeremy and the puppers arrived safely home in Alabama. Sure was good to have them here though. I took Jen clothes and shoe shopping for her birthday and she got a couple of cute things and then we went to dinner at City Bistro , which I love. DSC02194Funny story ~ Jeremy had been suggesting to her that for her birthday dinner we go to the restaurant that he and Richard went to and she wasn't really keen on it but then I had also suggested the same restaurant as did Richard so Jen finally gave in and agreed to go. We all get there and she says "this really doesn't look like a biker bar?" WHAT???? She only remembered Jeremy telling her about the biker bar he and Richard accidentally ended up at after dinner and thought that's what we were all talking about and couldn't understand why we all wanted to go (and take the little kids) to a biker bar! She was very relieved that City Bistro was a really nice place to eat and we all enjoyed a wonderful dinner. Jen and I arrived a bit earlier than the rest of the gang (we went straight from our shopping trip) and sat at the bar and had Cosmopolitans. I have to tell you, it was one of the best I have ever had. Also enjoyed an appetizer of baked brie which was also delicious.
She and I also had a chance to work together on a project that I can't show you or talk about just yet, but lets just say I am one very proud mommie!
That was my couple of days. So, how was your day?

Friday, January 4, 2008

Thank you!

Now that the holidays are over I really want to say "thank you" to all those people we got Holiday cards from. It's one of my favorite things about the holidays ~ getting to hear from people you haven't heard from all year. I really love the ones with the "newsletters" included and really really love the ones with photos. Here are a few from this year..
This is my darling great neice Maddie 20080103 003
This is my friend Randy and his family. We met when I was 3!20080103 004
These little guys belong to a couple that Richard used to work with in NC ~ we got to see them last year in Lynchburg20080103 005
And finally my friend Ann (who I miss dearly) and her family who moved to Montana from Valrico about the same time we moved to Melbourne20080103 006
I have had people tell me that if you only hear from someone once a year ~ that they aren't really your friends and I have to strongly disagree. Our lives get so busy that we don't always take the time to be in touch ~ and I consider myself lucky to have met so many wonderful people on the journey of my life and I don't want to loose them ~ so although I may only hear from them once a year in a Christmas card ~ they are in my heart Always!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

It's my Baby's Birthday!

Not sure how I ended up having a 28 y/o daughter ~ Just glad it's her getting older and not me! Seriously ~ she is one of the most wonderful and amazing people I know. I am so very proud of her and her choices and all that she has accomplished. Here's just a few pictures of the journey of her life so far...

Jen & Mimi (my mom)

Jen & Dani
She "Hates" this deer ~ ask her about him sometime!
My crazy adventurer!
Graduation from Appalachian State!
Jen & the love of her life....
`Jen ~ my wish for you is that the best is yet to come. All my love ~ your Mommie
Happy Birthday Honey!