Friday, December 14, 2007

Julz breaks her hoohaa!

So I told her I wouldn't post this but come on ~ How could I not! There are definitely no pictures though! She was riding her bike in the neighborhood and fell. Unfortunately she somehow landed on the end of the metal bar that attaches the bike to the wheel. Suffice it to say she is one sore and bruised little girl. Once the cries of "I'll never be able to pee again!" were over and we got an ice pack on her, she actually was quite brave about it. She is going to be very sore for a while and the bruising is quite extensive but she will survive. I'm sure it'll be the topic of conversations for quite some time to come.

On a lighter note, I was the mystery reader for Julianne's class today which I managed to keep hidden even from her. I read "The Quiltmaker's Gift" which is a wonderful story of a quiltmaker (DUH!) who only gives her quilts to the poor and needy and a greedy King who has many worldy posessions but is not happy until he gives them all away. I thought it was a perfect story for the holidays ~ better to give than to receive and all that. As the activity afterwards I painted each childs hand (talk about messy!) and did their handprints onto card stock. These will be transferred onto fabric and made into various things representing each month of the year and made into a quilt to auction off at the end of the year "Quest Fest" with the proceeds to help the school. It was quite an undertaking but Julianne was my little helper bringing each child in turn to my table and washing the paintbrushes after each print. I could be wrong but I think she really likes having "Mommie" in the classroom. If this wasn't enough time at the school I also had to finish up the bulletin board for Nathaniel's class.DSCN0230 This is a map of the world and each kid did a little paper about the customs of a specific country. My job was to find those countries and attach a string from them to their paper! I also attached a flag of that country to their paper as well. Fortunately there were no obsure little countries done and I managed to find them all ~ phew! I think the board turned out pretty good and I even did double letters to give it that shadowed look. The teacher was pleased ~ Guess I'm getting an "A" for today!
DSCN0233 Once that was done I ran out to get a bit of shopping done and run a few errands ~ one of the things I saw on my journey is sure to cause an accident. This ~ from a used car lot! It's a real car just dangling from a crane and what you can't really see from the photo is a large as life Santa breaking into the car ~ at least that's what it looks like. So now we know how he gets all those gifts ~ He steals them from cars!!! Only in Florida, I swear! So, How was your day?

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