Saturday, August 8, 2009

A room re-do

My friend MC has, in the last year, redone quite a bit of her house. She's done so much of the work herself (with some help from handy man Robert). The first room she did was her kitchen. All new cabinets that are just beautiful.DSC07046 counter tops, floors, appliances. It's just beautiful. She's almost completed the little sitting room attached to the kitchen. New paint, wallpaper (only on one wall), new furniture DSC07043 and sheers. She is still doing new window treatments for this room which are going to be wonderful. My favorite thing she has done though, is this wall. DSC07042 I have to tell her secret here though... These are 12" artist canvas's that she found at Goodwill (brand new) and they were $2.00 for a pack of 3. She then painted the edges and applied scrapbookpapers to the front. AND she got the scrapbook papers on sale! This project cost her a total of just about $10. Last week she sent me an email showing me this she found these on line. They are a mere $89 a piece. Total for this project would be $801 plus shipping!!! That's a savings of $791 if you don't count shipping. She's one smart and creative cookie.

She is also redoing her bedroom which is amazing so far. She's done the bedding, the wall treatments, some very cool pillows. I put my 2 cents in on wall color for both the bedroom and connecting bath. She's done various parts of many of the other rooms in her house. I'm telling you when she is done, it will be a great whole house redo worthy of an HGTV special. I especially love the dusty voilet of the walls in the guest room (my room when I'm there!). Next time I go over I'll have to take more pics and maybe with her permission I'll get some of the before pics.

She's also gonna help me do some cornices for our place ~ again with a little help from handy man Robert so stay tuned.

Friday, August 7, 2009

A busy week

I apologize for being away. School starts here on Monday and the PTO has been gearing up ~ providing me with lots of work. In this county, every year, even though you've already registered for school ~ you have to come in and prove your residency and get your schedule the week before school starts. Tues and Wed were those days. Both days the PTO sold T Shirts, car magnets and foam fingers proclaiming we are #1! We also provided lunch for the teachers and staff on Wednesday which I was in charge of. Yummy pizza, salad and garlic knots for 100. Oh and some snacky desserts as well. There was also a run (by me) to Sam's Club to pick up 1000 paper plates, cups, bowls, cutlery & napkins for the staff for the year and somehow in there I managed to run over to Nate's middle school to get his schedule and sign him up for the school bus. I seemed to miss the part where you had to bring in updated immunization records though so I got turned away. Fortunately I actually had gotten the shots he needed, just didn't get the record printed out. Managed to convince them to print out the records immediately (they wanted a week to get them done) and ran to the Pediatrician's office and then back to the school. Both kids are now officially registered. Julianne got the teacher she really really wanted so hopefully she will have a better year this year. Nate got a really good schedule as well. And I can finally breath (and blog).
Well we still have a few last minute supplies to get for school and a bit more school clothes shopping but I'm taking today off ~ maybe getting in a little pool time and definitely some sewing time.

A few more visitors to our house

Last weekend we were out in the pool when Julianne spotted this guy strolling across the yard.DSC07069 So naturally, I had to get a photo or two DSC07073 He tried to make it over these blocks DSC07071 But gave up pretty quickly DSC07072 Strolled down the sidewalk DSC07074 Across the street DSC07075 With Julianne and I keeping an eye out for oncoming cars DSC07077 And finally into the lake across the street ~ no pics here cause I don't think the neighbors would have liked us running through their yard!
Later that day Nate was pulling some weeds and came across this guy DSC07084 I wasn't really happy when he brought him into the house so he let him go in the front yardDSC07085

The next morning for breakfast Richard made this in honor of our first guest DSC07087 Think he could make one in the shape of a grasshopper???

Saturday, August 1, 2009

That just about says it all!

Sounds just about right!!

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