Saturday, December 15, 2007

Some Creative Santa Shopping

Today's tasks consisted of one thing and one thing only ~ Christmas shopping. What we had planned was to call the babysitter and see if she could come over for a few hours but being the neat and organized person that I am (NOT!), I couldn't find her phone number! So, we ended up taking the kids with us and did manage to get most of the shopping done right under their very noses. They each got a new pillow for their bed (which was not for Christmas and they picked out) but these made hiding gifts in the cart very convenient. We also split up a couple of times and sometimes I lingered behind picking up a thing or two here and there and hiding them under other things. Lastly Richard took the kids out to the car while I checked out so we all wouldn't have to wait in the long lines and what I really did was make a mad dash around the store picking up all the stuff we had scoped out with the kids. By the time we were done the car was fully packed but hey, the majority of it is done. DSCN0238 We ended up at "Bob Evans" for dinner on the way home cause it was fast and convenient ~ although maybe not as fast as Nathaniel would have liked. Here he is trying to eat Richard's face!
Tonight we will take inventory of what we finished and what has yet to be done and start again tomorrow.
PS ~ I finally found the babysitters number ~ when we got home! So, How was your day?

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