Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Hair is all better!

Okay so I couldn't stand it anymore ~ my hair that is. I made an appt and went to see Diana, The Hair Goddess over at First Choice Haircutters in Valrico. Now, I've been to the "high end" salons and paid the high end prices and was still not really happy with my hair ~ then I stumbled upon Diana. Let me tell you she can run circles around the high end stylists and for a much better price. She does a better cut and color than anyone I have ever encountered and that's the reason I will continue to drive over 2 hours each way to see her! She reluctantly let me take a picture of her ~ DSC02092 Isn't she so cute! Really nice too! So for all my Valrico readers - She's in the Publix shopping center at Lithia Pinecrest. If you go see her tell her I said hello and tip her well ~ She's so worth it! And now I reluctantly show you my picture ~ Talk about a good hair day, just still don't like pictures of myself!DSC02094
After leaving Diana feeling like a million bucks I went to meet my friends Mary Catherine and Peg over at Peg's house. Peg is still recovering from eye surgery so I really didn't take any pictures of us although Mary Catherine had just had her hair done and was having a fabulous hair day as well. We took Peg's 6 needle embroidery machine over to Keep Me In Stitches for an upgrade. It was great to see my friend Allen there DSC02099 Just seconds before this picture was taken he was making a terrible face at me but the camera took too long to snap so this is what I ended up with. He really is a sweetheart even though he always gives me a hard time! Got some really cute new fabrics too!
Peg, Mary Catherine and I had a very yummy lunch over at Delizie Italian Bakery. I had the anti pasto platter that was the best I ever had. They make their own Mozzarella and it is so good. By this time Peg was fading fast so we dropped her at home where she gave me this doll to give to Julianne DSC02101 Isn't it gorgeous? Its a porcelain doll made by the doll maker in Naples. The details are amazing and Julianne is, of course, in heaven. She's still not quite getting why she can't "play" with it but I've put it up where it can't be disturbed but can be seen by everyone! Peg really is one of the most generous and all around nicest people I have ever met. I'm just hoping she feels better really soon.
After Peg's I followed MaryCatherine to her house to see her new kitchen remodel which I can't believe I didn't take pictures of. Her kitchen looks like a showroom. There is so many incredible details I couldn't even being to do it justice. Let's just say, she's done a fantastic job! She also gave me some cool pieces of fabric to make some purses with and I wish I could have stayed and visited longer but it had been a long day and I had a long drive home ahead of me. All in all it was a good day but it's good to be home.
Also before I forget ~ Happy 26th anniversary to my BFF MaryAnn & Hublet. I still can't believe he's put up with her all these years. Oops ~ did I say that outloud? Just kidding Mary Ann ~ ya know I love you!!!

So how was your day?

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dani said...

Your hair looks awesome! I love it!