Sunday, December 16, 2007

The shopping and crafting continue

Well we managed to get the rest of the "out of town" shopping done today. I was going to try to ship them all tomorrow but two things changed my mind. One, the radio says tomorrow is the busiest mailing day of the year (let's not add to that) and Two, I still have some sewing to get done to send out of town ~ so we are hoping for a Tuesday shipping date. I did order some stuff on line that will arrive hopefully in time for Christmas ~ if not, please forgive me in advance! After we got home from shopping and (YIKES) actually ate dinner at Target. Yes, I said we ate dinner at Target. No mother of the year awards here but again, it was fast and convenient and actually the pizza hut Italia pizza they have at the snack counter wasn't half bad... Richard helped Julianne with her science fair project.Captioned DSCN0239 This is something all the kids at Quest MUST do even if they don't enter it in the science fair. Julianne's project consisted of feeding 9 plants. 3 got water every other day. 3 got Orange juice every other day (they grew mold & died) and 3 got milk every other day. The milk didn't fair as well as the water but didn't do too bad ~ all things considered.
DSCN0252I worked on a couple more sewing Christmas gifts. The wallet is for a little guy in Jacksonville who loves trains. It also has a little gift card inside.
DSCN0242 The purse and wallet set are for Nathaniel's teacher. Don't you love how the button goes so great with the fabrics? Quite a find for me. The wallet will house the gift cards from the class. So far I have gotten $100 from the class but they have until Monday to turn their "gifts" in so I'm hoping to get at least another $100 which I'll take and purchase several gift cards from some of her favorite places. We are having his Christmas party on Thursday so I'll give them to her then. I still have 2 more out of town presents to make tomorrow and then Julianne's teachers purse and wallet for her party on Friday. Wish me luck!
Jen & Jeremy left Anniston this afternoon with a stop over in Atlanta for a concert and then they will be heading to Jeremy's folks in Winter Haven with a stop over in Gainesville. I'm very excited about this stop over because Jen is going to be talking to them about going to school there (once their Anniston gig is up) for the next 3 years while she gets her Doctor's. Can I tell you how excited I will be to have her back in Fla for a while! Keep your fingers crossed for both her and me!
So, how was your day?

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