Friday, December 28, 2007

You'd think I would have looked first!

So we never quite made it into Universal Studios. We got TO Universal but as we were waiting in the tremendous line just to get into the parking lot, I happen to look at our season passes only to realize this week is completely blacked out!!!! I called the Universal office to see what our options were and for a couple of hundred dollars I could get us in to the overcrowded park. Thanks but no thanks!!! Kids weren't all that jazzed about Universal anyway so we headed for the Florida Mall in Orlando. Richard found the Apple Store and was a happy camper (I swear I saw drool on the side of his mouth!) and then we found the M&M Store. DSC02086 I swear this was the biggest little store ever and anything and everything was M&M's. Of course every color of M&M you could imagine DSC02087and then there was all the gear ~ dinner wear of course, and clothes, and sporting goods ~ Oh the list goes on and on. We all got some M&M's ~ mine were dark chocolate with peanuts. Julianne also got a snow globe (she has quite a collection of snow globes now) and Nathaniel got a pen that lights up (but doesn't write all that well). Got lots of exercise walking around this mall. One of the things we did notice was that the majority of the population in this very "high end" mall was wealthy South American.
We also found this cool store DSC02085where for $20/half hour you can surf in the store. I think Nathaniel may be bringing a friend for his birthday and doing this. Julianne on the other hand found this store that does Diva Makeovers ~ hair, nails, make up ~ the whole works and she wants to do that with a bunch of friends for her birthday in Feb. Problem being we don't know any of her friends parents yet and I doubt that they'd either drive all the way to Orlando for her party or let me take them (and I really don't want that responsibility). What I am thinking though (thanks to some good ideas from my sister Joey) is hiring a couple of high school girls to do their hair and makeup and nails and get some dress up stuff ~ boas and such and then let them do their own "Show". I think they'd have fun with that. I guess we'll see. She did buy herself a "Hannah Montana" wig.DSC02088 Here she is in full shoppers mode. DSC02090 Can't you just see the future here?
We ended up having lunch at California Pizza KitchenDSC02091 which was just yummy.
Made our way home and watched "Ratatouille" which was wonderful. I highly recommend it. Well it's way late and I have to get up early to head for Tampa. So, that was my day. How was yours? I'd really like to know ~ leave me a comment and make my day!

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