Tuesday, December 25, 2007

You'd think it was a Holiday or something

Today is Christmas for the rest of the world ~ or at least most of it and since we celebrated yesterday, I really wasn't thinking about EVERYTHING being closed today! Wasn't prepared with anything yummy to make for breakfast so we decide to go out only NOTHING IS OPEN! Well, Denny's was open but the line was 2 hrs long so we start to drive and drive and drive. We finally ended up at another Dennys and only had to wait for a little bit and it was wonderful. Not sure if it's because we were all starving at that point or more likely that it was just nice to sit and have a nice breakfast together. I made sure we over tipped the waitress and thanked her for working on Christmas day. I was also able to run over to Walgreens for some milk and a few other essentials and while I really believe no one should have to work on Christmas day, I'm really grateful for those who do. Sure helps people like me who are totally not prepared! Mostly today we rested from yesterday and kids played with their toys and their friends. It was a really good day.DSC01998 So, How was your day?

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