Thursday, December 20, 2007

All together again

Today was a great day for me. My daughter (and her darling hubby) have arrived! This morning started out pretty early. I wanted to finish up all the last minute stuff I needed to do and then I was off to Nathaniel's class for his Christmas party. We gave his teacher the screen bag I made her. I had filled it with all kinds of goodies ~ several santa ornaments (she collects them) along with some candy and a few other little things. I also filled the wonder wallet with gift cards from Chili's, Books a Million, Kohl's, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Starbucks. I think she was pleased.DSCN0263 We did lots of crafts which I didn't think were very messy but I guess if you calculate 24 5th graders in, anything can be a mess!DSCN0266 There were also Christmas movies, pizzas, drinks and lots of sweets (which I stayed far away from!)
While we were finishing up there, Jen and Jeremy arrived in Melbourne and I met them for lunch at Moe's. So good to see them again.
Jen cooked us a wonderful dinner on Thursday night and we played with the puppies. Oscar and Nacho are very well behaved little guys and Sadie did well playing with her new friends.DSCN0286
I'm going to bed fairly early...tomorrow's gonna be another full day! So, how was your day?

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