Sunday, December 30, 2007

Another Happy Birthday or two

A great big happy birthday to Mike Nesmith and Davey Jones of the Monkees. Becha didn't see that one coming and you may ask why I chose to post about these particular birthdays ~ I'm just so sure that at least my buddy Davey Jones reads this and I didn't want him to feel left out!
And now that I have left reality behind, how was your day?

Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Hair is all better!

Okay so I couldn't stand it anymore ~ my hair that is. I made an appt and went to see Diana, The Hair Goddess over at First Choice Haircutters in Valrico. Now, I've been to the "high end" salons and paid the high end prices and was still not really happy with my hair ~ then I stumbled upon Diana. Let me tell you she can run circles around the high end stylists and for a much better price. She does a better cut and color than anyone I have ever encountered and that's the reason I will continue to drive over 2 hours each way to see her! She reluctantly let me take a picture of her ~ DSC02092 Isn't she so cute! Really nice too! So for all my Valrico readers - She's in the Publix shopping center at Lithia Pinecrest. If you go see her tell her I said hello and tip her well ~ She's so worth it! And now I reluctantly show you my picture ~ Talk about a good hair day, just still don't like pictures of myself!DSC02094
After leaving Diana feeling like a million bucks I went to meet my friends Mary Catherine and Peg over at Peg's house. Peg is still recovering from eye surgery so I really didn't take any pictures of us although Mary Catherine had just had her hair done and was having a fabulous hair day as well. We took Peg's 6 needle embroidery machine over to Keep Me In Stitches for an upgrade. It was great to see my friend Allen there DSC02099 Just seconds before this picture was taken he was making a terrible face at me but the camera took too long to snap so this is what I ended up with. He really is a sweetheart even though he always gives me a hard time! Got some really cute new fabrics too!
Peg, Mary Catherine and I had a very yummy lunch over at Delizie Italian Bakery. I had the anti pasto platter that was the best I ever had. They make their own Mozzarella and it is so good. By this time Peg was fading fast so we dropped her at home where she gave me this doll to give to Julianne DSC02101 Isn't it gorgeous? Its a porcelain doll made by the doll maker in Naples. The details are amazing and Julianne is, of course, in heaven. She's still not quite getting why she can't "play" with it but I've put it up where it can't be disturbed but can be seen by everyone! Peg really is one of the most generous and all around nicest people I have ever met. I'm just hoping she feels better really soon.
After Peg's I followed MaryCatherine to her house to see her new kitchen remodel which I can't believe I didn't take pictures of. Her kitchen looks like a showroom. There is so many incredible details I couldn't even being to do it justice. Let's just say, she's done a fantastic job! She also gave me some cool pieces of fabric to make some purses with and I wish I could have stayed and visited longer but it had been a long day and I had a long drive home ahead of me. All in all it was a good day but it's good to be home.
Also before I forget ~ Happy 26th anniversary to my BFF MaryAnn & Hublet. I still can't believe he's put up with her all these years. Oops ~ did I say that outloud? Just kidding Mary Ann ~ ya know I love you!!!

So how was your day?

Friday, December 28, 2007

You'd think I would have looked first!

So we never quite made it into Universal Studios. We got TO Universal but as we were waiting in the tremendous line just to get into the parking lot, I happen to look at our season passes only to realize this week is completely blacked out!!!! I called the Universal office to see what our options were and for a couple of hundred dollars I could get us in to the overcrowded park. Thanks but no thanks!!! Kids weren't all that jazzed about Universal anyway so we headed for the Florida Mall in Orlando. Richard found the Apple Store and was a happy camper (I swear I saw drool on the side of his mouth!) and then we found the M&M Store. DSC02086 I swear this was the biggest little store ever and anything and everything was M&M's. Of course every color of M&M you could imagine DSC02087and then there was all the gear ~ dinner wear of course, and clothes, and sporting goods ~ Oh the list goes on and on. We all got some M&M's ~ mine were dark chocolate with peanuts. Julianne also got a snow globe (she has quite a collection of snow globes now) and Nathaniel got a pen that lights up (but doesn't write all that well). Got lots of exercise walking around this mall. One of the things we did notice was that the majority of the population in this very "high end" mall was wealthy South American.
We also found this cool store DSC02085where for $20/half hour you can surf in the store. I think Nathaniel may be bringing a friend for his birthday and doing this. Julianne on the other hand found this store that does Diva Makeovers ~ hair, nails, make up ~ the whole works and she wants to do that with a bunch of friends for her birthday in Feb. Problem being we don't know any of her friends parents yet and I doubt that they'd either drive all the way to Orlando for her party or let me take them (and I really don't want that responsibility). What I am thinking though (thanks to some good ideas from my sister Joey) is hiring a couple of high school girls to do their hair and makeup and nails and get some dress up stuff ~ boas and such and then let them do their own "Show". I think they'd have fun with that. I guess we'll see. She did buy herself a "Hannah Montana" wig.DSC02088 Here she is in full shoppers mode. DSC02090 Can't you just see the future here?
We ended up having lunch at California Pizza KitchenDSC02091 which was just yummy.
Made our way home and watched "Ratatouille" which was wonderful. I highly recommend it. Well it's way late and I have to get up early to head for Tampa. So, that was my day. How was yours? I'd really like to know ~ leave me a comment and make my day!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Such a busy day

Once we peeled Nathaniel away from the Playstation he and I took a trip to see the eye doctor and I'm happy to report he DOES NOT need glasses. He had taken an eye test at school and they recommended he see an optician. They found a minor issue with his vision but nothing that prevents him from seeing everything well and they say he'll actually grow out of it so we are free for the next two years. Surprisingly my eye sight is no worse either. I was afraid between the Bells Palsy and the diabetes, that my eye sight would take a hit but other than my right eye being really dry I'm still good with my over the counter readers. He did tell me to NEVER put Visine in my eyes ~ he said it's actually bad for your eyes. He says any other brand is fine ~ interesting!
While Buggy and I were at the eye docs Richard and Julianne wandered around the plaza and found something we all just fell in love with ~ A little Sadie. DSC02067 It's an American Eskimo puppy. She really was cute but quite a handful and I can't see spending $900 for a little bundle of energy that I'd have to deal with ~ but boy was she cute and fun to see what Sadie must have looked like as a puppy.
We took the tree down tonight ~ YEAH! and put my hutch up DSC02080 and filled it with "most" of my Tinkerbells ~ Here's my newest DSC02082
And while we did that the kids actually played together and got along.. Here are a few rare photos.. DSC02070 DSC02073 Looks like she was getting the best of him but he was letting her and enjoying it all the while.
Tomorrow we are going to hit Universal Studios to see the "Grinch" and Saturday I am heading to Tampa to get my hair done by my favorite sylist and spend the day with some friends.
So, How was your day?

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It's almost over

I guess the holidays are almost over ~ although I did manage to keep them going a bit longer by finally mailing out the one gift I accidentally left out last week and since I was going to the post office anyway I put together a little package for my sister with a couple of CD's I had Richard make for her and this little wonder wallet I made for her ~ isn't it too cute?DSCN0361
Julianne had a friend sleep over and things are getting back to normal.
So how was your day?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

From our house to yours

We wish you a very Merry Christmas
So, how was your Christmas Day?

You'd think it was a Holiday or something

Today is Christmas for the rest of the world ~ or at least most of it and since we celebrated yesterday, I really wasn't thinking about EVERYTHING being closed today! Wasn't prepared with anything yummy to make for breakfast so we decide to go out only NOTHING IS OPEN! Well, Denny's was open but the line was 2 hrs long so we start to drive and drive and drive. We finally ended up at another Dennys and only had to wait for a little bit and it was wonderful. Not sure if it's because we were all starving at that point or more likely that it was just nice to sit and have a nice breakfast together. I made sure we over tipped the waitress and thanked her for working on Christmas day. I was also able to run over to Walgreens for some milk and a few other essentials and while I really believe no one should have to work on Christmas day, I'm really grateful for those who do. Sure helps people like me who are totally not prepared! Mostly today we rested from yesterday and kids played with their toys and their friends. It was a really good day.DSC01998 So, How was your day?

Monday, December 24, 2007

A very happy Christmas

Today was our Christmas morning ~ a bit too early for me since we didn't get to bed until 2:00 am but that's what naps were invented for. Everyone was so excited and instead of taking the time to hand out all the gifts first, we just took turns and pulled a gift out from under the tree, handed it out and opened it right then and there. I think that worked much better. The kids get too impatient the other way. I think everybody was happy with their gifts. I know I was. The big gift was a display hutch for all my Tinkerbell stuff. I also got the new Jim Shore winter Tinkerbell and Jen & Jeremy got me a very cool photo display. It's kinda like those new digital picture frames only miniature so I can carry it in my purse and she preloaded it with a bunch of photos from their wedding. DSC02042
The dogs all got new coats and while Oscar loves his, Nacho was not happy and Sadie was just very nonchalant about the whole thing.DSC02050DSC02051
Nathaniel loves his new Rip stick (I'm keeping the ER on speed dial!)DSC02040
Just about the time we opened all our gifts, Richard's mother (or as she's known here ~ Ginky) arrived with even more gifts including a playstation 2 which made for some very very happy children!DSC02065
All in all I think everyone had a good day ~ So how was your day? DSC02066

My husband is warped

Just thought I would share our newest addition to our Nativity. Funny I don't remember reading about this in the bible!


Just wanted to wish a very very very Happy Birthday to my niece Danielle. Poor baby was born on Christmas Eve and every year her birthday gets forgotten, pushed aside and generally ignored because of Christmas. I did call her today to wish her a happy birthday and even sent her birthday gifts out in time! Anyway ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLIN ~ I LOVE YOU!!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Red Tide SUCKS

Today we decided to go over to our favorite place and get some shaved ice. Unfortunately when we got there the place was closed. Not sure if it's because it was Sunday or because the red tide was so bad they had to close because they are right across the street from the beach. We ended up stopping down the street to gas up the car and Richard had barely opened the back window for us to get air and we all started coughing and choking. It was seriously that bad! I'm hoping that by the time Jen & Jeremy come back up on Jan 4th it will have subsided a bit ~ I did promise them shaved ice after all!

We finished up all our shopping today since Christmas for us will be tomorrow morning.DSC02000 and got everything wrapped DSC02001
Although Julianne & Jeremy didn't quite make it to the finish line...
DSCN0290DSCN0291and once we got the kids to bed ~ got everything under the tree DSC02021
I'm dying to know what is in the large package to the right of the tree ~ it's for me and we've guessed everything from a canoe to a giant hot dog (we were hungry) to an Egyptian sarcophagus. I guess I'll know tomorrow. So, How was your day?

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Fun on Ice

Today was a fun filled day ~ we took the kids to the ice skating rink here (well actually it's in Rockledge ~ but close enough!) It actually felt like winter ~ nice and icy! Julianne refused to skate but Nathaniel couldn't wait to get on the ice. Rich and I sacrificed ourselves and stayed with Julianne! They actually have these cool "walkers" now for ice skating when you are unsure of your footing. DSCN0307 The woman offered me one and I said "If I get out on that ice, I'll be using a walker PERMANENTLY so no thanks!" They had a good time although I am still deciding on my SIL's fate after he body checked Nathaniel and they both bit the ice! Unfortunately I missed the whole episode ~ darn!DSCN0297
Nate also ran into his friend from school, Vinnie, who's brother was having an ice skate birthday. I think Vinnie was happy to have one of his friends there too.
So, How was your day?

A sad story with a happy ending!

This morning I woke up nice and early (7:30 on a weekend?) and while everyone else was asleep (my favorite time of the day) I managed to get some straightening done around the house ~ ya know how crazy it can get with house guests! I then fixed two pairs of Jen's pants and figured while everyone was still asleep and I was already sitting at the sewing machine I'd do some more work on this little stuffed elephant I was making Julianne for Christmas. It's the cutest thing ~ she saw it at The Quilt Place one day while she was there with me and fell in love with it. She carried it around the whole time we were in the store and unfortunately they were out of the pattern and out of the fabric they made it from (it's a purple 30's reproduction and minkee). After much begging on her part I asked if they would sell me their store sample but the pattern is something they regularly carry so they don't really sell the samples ~ in other words NO. Anyway she was very disappointed but I promised her I would find the pattern and make her one. She picked out some swirly pink and purple fabric and we checked 3 other quilt shops with no luck in finding the pattern. I did manage to find it on line and got it ordered. They delivered it pretty quickly and I got to work on it ~ but only when Julianne was at school so I could surprise her with it at Christmas. It is not really an easy pattern, made a bit more complex working with the Minkee but I had all the pieces cut out and the head completely done and some of the body... so back to today where I reached down for the bag I was hiding it all in only to find it NOT THERE and the almost immediate realization that I had mistakenly thrown the bag away on Thursday morning while doing a quick clean up in the sewing room. The bag had been sitting next to my little garbage pail and I think I thought it was a bag I had emptied the garbage into cause to look in the bag really quick, it looked like scraps! I have to tell you I was devistated and even started to cry! I was so excited about surprising her with this gift (she's been asking all along if her pattern had gotten in so we could get started making it) and I had done so much work on it ~ and it was all gone! I called the quilt shop to see if their backordered patterns had come in thinking maybe I could pull an "all nighter" and get it done ~ but it hadn't. I did end up apologizing to Julianne and telling her what I had done, promising her that I would again order the pattern and make it for her. She was sad but very understanding but I still felt so very bad ~ I was just in such a funk about this.
But this story does have a happy ending. I ended up calling "The Quilt Place" again, told them my sad tale of woe and guess what ~ They sold me their sample!!! Julianne will have the original one that she fell so in love with! Let me tell you this place has a customer for life and I will have one very happy little girl on Christmas morning and really isn't that what's most important!
So, How was your day?

Friday, December 21, 2007

A Busy Day

Today was a busy but great day! It started off with a drop off at the post office (Jen's application papers for University of Fla) and then a trip to The Quilt Place so Jen could pick out some fabrics for a project she'd like to do (my daughter sewing? My Christmas is complete!). With that task done we headed to Yanni's diner for brunch and then a very wonderful and relaxing hour getting pedicures for Jen, Myself and Jeremy. After that it was a mad dash over to the school to show Jen & Jeremy around and take in the last few minutes of Julianne's Christmas party. Upon arriving in Julz' class her teacher put is right to work helping kids with crafts. I must say, Jeremy does well being put into unfamiliar situations and nary a complaint was heard!IMG_1823 Then we ran over to Nathaniel's room just in time to grab him from being put on the bus (we somehow missed Julianne and she did take the bus!). Chilled at the house for a little bit and then met Richard for dinner at Frankie's Wings which was yummy. A quick trip to Target pretty much finished up my Christmas shopping YIPEE!!! So, How was your day?

Thursday, December 20, 2007

All together again

Today was a great day for me. My daughter (and her darling hubby) have arrived! This morning started out pretty early. I wanted to finish up all the last minute stuff I needed to do and then I was off to Nathaniel's class for his Christmas party. We gave his teacher the screen bag I made her. I had filled it with all kinds of goodies ~ several santa ornaments (she collects them) along with some candy and a few other little things. I also filled the wonder wallet with gift cards from Chili's, Books a Million, Kohl's, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Starbucks. I think she was pleased.DSCN0263 We did lots of crafts which I didn't think were very messy but I guess if you calculate 24 5th graders in, anything can be a mess!DSCN0266 There were also Christmas movies, pizzas, drinks and lots of sweets (which I stayed far away from!)
While we were finishing up there, Jen and Jeremy arrived in Melbourne and I met them for lunch at Moe's. So good to see them again.
Jen cooked us a wonderful dinner on Thursday night and we played with the puppies. Oscar and Nacho are very well behaved little guys and Sadie did well playing with her new friends.DSCN0286
I'm going to bed fairly early...tomorrow's gonna be another full day! So, how was your day?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Packages are on their way.. well almost all

I felt so good this afternoon. Last night I finished up the last of my sewing stuff to send out of town with this quilt DSCN0261 for a certain someone and this apron DSCN0258for her mother. This morning I wrapped all 17 gifts to go out of town (did I mention I HATE wrapping presents?) found boxes for all ~ really just 6 boxes total and took them to The UPS Store. Much to my surprise I didn't even have to wait in line. Cost me an arm and a leg to ship but that's only normal these days ~ But hey, it was done.. until tonight and I realized I have ONE MORE PACKAGE TO SEND ~ ARRRRGGGGG! I guess that's what tomorrow is for. Tomorrow I also have to finish my shopping ~ just a few final things and get the gift certificates for the teacher. I was disappointed in the lack of donations received cause she really is a great teacher. I just hope that all those that didn't participate will get her something on their own.
It's been pretty cold for here and Nathaniel is pretty happy about that. He likes to bundle up DSCN0256 as does his sister DSCN0255
I should say "sisters" cause although I don't have a photo his big sister is never happier than when she can put on a cute sweater. Well my batch of banana pudding (ya know the kind with nilla wafers and bananas in it) is ready to be eaten and the kids are foaming at the mouth ~ so I best go feed the beasts. That was my day.. How was yours?

Monday, December 17, 2007

We've been elfed!

Okay so I made this silly video but can't figure out how to paste it but if you click Here it'll take you there! Betcha didn't know we could dance that well! Let me know what you think!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The shopping and crafting continue

Well we managed to get the rest of the "out of town" shopping done today. I was going to try to ship them all tomorrow but two things changed my mind. One, the radio says tomorrow is the busiest mailing day of the year (let's not add to that) and Two, I still have some sewing to get done to send out of town ~ so we are hoping for a Tuesday shipping date. I did order some stuff on line that will arrive hopefully in time for Christmas ~ if not, please forgive me in advance! After we got home from shopping and (YIKES) actually ate dinner at Target. Yes, I said we ate dinner at Target. No mother of the year awards here but again, it was fast and convenient and actually the pizza hut Italia pizza they have at the snack counter wasn't half bad... Richard helped Julianne with her science fair project.Captioned DSCN0239 This is something all the kids at Quest MUST do even if they don't enter it in the science fair. Julianne's project consisted of feeding 9 plants. 3 got water every other day. 3 got Orange juice every other day (they grew mold & died) and 3 got milk every other day. The milk didn't fair as well as the water but didn't do too bad ~ all things considered.
DSCN0252I worked on a couple more sewing Christmas gifts. The wallet is for a little guy in Jacksonville who loves trains. It also has a little gift card inside.
DSCN0242 The purse and wallet set are for Nathaniel's teacher. Don't you love how the button goes so great with the fabrics? Quite a find for me. The wallet will house the gift cards from the class. So far I have gotten $100 from the class but they have until Monday to turn their "gifts" in so I'm hoping to get at least another $100 which I'll take and purchase several gift cards from some of her favorite places. We are having his Christmas party on Thursday so I'll give them to her then. I still have 2 more out of town presents to make tomorrow and then Julianne's teachers purse and wallet for her party on Friday. Wish me luck!
Jen & Jeremy left Anniston this afternoon with a stop over in Atlanta for a concert and then they will be heading to Jeremy's folks in Winter Haven with a stop over in Gainesville. I'm very excited about this stop over because Jen is going to be talking to them about going to school there (once their Anniston gig is up) for the next 3 years while she gets her Doctor's. Can I tell you how excited I will be to have her back in Fla for a while! Keep your fingers crossed for both her and me!
So, how was your day?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Some Creative Santa Shopping

Today's tasks consisted of one thing and one thing only ~ Christmas shopping. What we had planned was to call the babysitter and see if she could come over for a few hours but being the neat and organized person that I am (NOT!), I couldn't find her phone number! So, we ended up taking the kids with us and did manage to get most of the shopping done right under their very noses. They each got a new pillow for their bed (which was not for Christmas and they picked out) but these made hiding gifts in the cart very convenient. We also split up a couple of times and sometimes I lingered behind picking up a thing or two here and there and hiding them under other things. Lastly Richard took the kids out to the car while I checked out so we all wouldn't have to wait in the long lines and what I really did was make a mad dash around the store picking up all the stuff we had scoped out with the kids. By the time we were done the car was fully packed but hey, the majority of it is done. DSCN0238 We ended up at "Bob Evans" for dinner on the way home cause it was fast and convenient ~ although maybe not as fast as Nathaniel would have liked. Here he is trying to eat Richard's face!
Tonight we will take inventory of what we finished and what has yet to be done and start again tomorrow.
PS ~ I finally found the babysitters number ~ when we got home! So, How was your day?

Friday, December 14, 2007

Julz breaks her hoohaa!

So I told her I wouldn't post this but come on ~ How could I not! There are definitely no pictures though! She was riding her bike in the neighborhood and fell. Unfortunately she somehow landed on the end of the metal bar that attaches the bike to the wheel. Suffice it to say she is one sore and bruised little girl. Once the cries of "I'll never be able to pee again!" were over and we got an ice pack on her, she actually was quite brave about it. She is going to be very sore for a while and the bruising is quite extensive but she will survive. I'm sure it'll be the topic of conversations for quite some time to come.

On a lighter note, I was the mystery reader for Julianne's class today which I managed to keep hidden even from her. I read "The Quiltmaker's Gift" which is a wonderful story of a quiltmaker (DUH!) who only gives her quilts to the poor and needy and a greedy King who has many worldy posessions but is not happy until he gives them all away. I thought it was a perfect story for the holidays ~ better to give than to receive and all that. As the activity afterwards I painted each childs hand (talk about messy!) and did their handprints onto card stock. These will be transferred onto fabric and made into various things representing each month of the year and made into a quilt to auction off at the end of the year "Quest Fest" with the proceeds to help the school. It was quite an undertaking but Julianne was my little helper bringing each child in turn to my table and washing the paintbrushes after each print. I could be wrong but I think she really likes having "Mommie" in the classroom. If this wasn't enough time at the school I also had to finish up the bulletin board for Nathaniel's class.DSCN0230 This is a map of the world and each kid did a little paper about the customs of a specific country. My job was to find those countries and attach a string from them to their paper! I also attached a flag of that country to their paper as well. Fortunately there were no obsure little countries done and I managed to find them all ~ phew! I think the board turned out pretty good and I even did double letters to give it that shadowed look. The teacher was pleased ~ Guess I'm getting an "A" for today!
DSCN0233 Once that was done I ran out to get a bit of shopping done and run a few errands ~ one of the things I saw on my journey is sure to cause an accident. This ~ from a used car lot! It's a real car just dangling from a crane and what you can't really see from the photo is a large as life Santa breaking into the car ~ at least that's what it looks like. So now we know how he gets all those gifts ~ He steals them from cars!!! Only in Florida, I swear! So, How was your day?