Friday, November 30, 2007

A frog update

Well I know you all are dying to hear the rest of the frog story so here goes... I very very reluctantly got into my car after pounding on seats and generally making as much of a disturbance as I could to see if the frog was still there. Drove over to "The Quilt Shop (yes, that's actually it's name) ~ all the while watching out for the evil toad, just knowing it was going to show up at any minute and land on my face! Actually at one point in my drive I was sitting at a red light right next to a cop car and I just knew that would be the moment the frog would pounce... and I'd let out a huge scream and jump out of my car, forgetting to put it in park and it would roll into the intersection and cause an accident ~ try explaining that one to the cops! Well I arrived safely at the Quilt Shop with no amphibial sitings. For the next 7 hours I forgot all about my little froggy although I did opt to eat lunch at Subway since I could walk there instead of driving... and driving home from The Quilt Place I was much more at ease, assuring myself that the frog must have jumped out. Later that night we went out to eat and I did take a glance around the inside of the car before getting in but still no frog. Well, Richard drove us home and just about the time we pulled into the driveway we were talking about the frog and all of a sudden he says "Look there he is... right on the dashboard in front of the steering wheel." Not funny at all I say ~ until I looked and lo and behold ~ that's exactly where the little sucker was ~ Right in front of me the entire time. Richard did manage to catch him and set him free in the grass but I still get the creeps every time I think about him in there with me the entire time!

I don't do frogs

Yes, they are cute in the abstract and I as much as anyone else likes all the little froggy statues and the peace frogs and I even have froggy embroidery and froggy fabric but the real things, not so much! This morning while getting ready to go out I opened the back hatch of my car to put something in and this FROG jumps off the roof of my car and lands right in front of me in the back of my car. I let out a scream so loud I'm surprised all my neighbors didn't come running outside to see who was being killed (note to self, do not rely on neighbors if attacked!). Well this damn frog proceeds to hop all over my car. Now, obviously I can't catch him and I'm not really inclined to try. I opened all the doors to my car hoping he'd hop out and he was at the edge of the back seat at one point. Perfect place to scoop him out onto the driveway (and run his slimy ass over)but I can't reach my hand in cause sure as shit he'll jump on me and I'll keel over dead so I open the garage door to get a broom or something really long to corral him out of my car ~ slight problem... when I get back to the car, the frog has now disappeared and I have no clue if he's jumped out of my car and run off or if he's still hiding in there waiting and plotting my demise. Now I HAVE to do some driving this morning so... if you all get the word I've been in a car accident or worse ~ you'll know who to blame!!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'm so lucky

I got a package in the mail yesterday from my BFF (hee hee) MaryAnn ~ it was a combo birthday and Christmas and she knows me so well. It had Tinkerbell and Flamingos and this great picture of her two beautiful girls..

And they are just as nice as they are cute ~ I absolutely adore them. MaryAnn also sent me this book...

It is one of the most hysterical books I have ever seen yet chock full of helpful hints on entertaining, hygene, etc. Next time you are in a book store ~ just reading the insert will be enough to make you buy it, check it out!
That was my day... So, how was your day?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Why was Augustine a Saint?

Just kidding really! This morning we got up and dragged the kids out of bed and drove 2 hours to St. Augustine to meet up with our friends Sue & Darrin along with their kids, Preston and Delaney. Since we got in so late last night (close to midnight) the kids had a hard time getting up and we ended up running late and leaving without eating breakfast. The kids were starving and the wonderful mother that I am, gave them tootsie roll pops to eat! If you really stretch it, it's got pretend chocolate which is almost dairy and it's fruit flavored ~ how bad could it be?
Once we met up with Sue and the kids (Darrin was on liver transplant call and met up with us later) we grabbed some real food at Denny's and then grabbed the trolley at the Old City Jail and had a really nice tour of the city. Once we got off the trolley we went to the Potter's Wax Museum. I DON'T recommend it! It's a 5 minute 3 room walk of some bad wax statues at an outrageous price. Next we walked though the main shopping street which is getting a bit too commercial for my taste. We did go into the oldest school house and we all enjoyed that.

Next stop was the Fort where they are no longer allowed to shoot cannon balls into the water but they still shoot something that makes a loud noise, and after all isn't that the most exciting part? Here's the kids with some of the showman

And then we had to embarrass the guys and make them get their picture taken as well.

After we left there we had dinner at a Mexican restaurant with a great view, good food and slow service.

All in all we had a very good day spent with good friends. I know Charlotte would like to visit the city and we are up for another trip because there was so much we missed but we really didn't want to rush around and try to take everything in. I figure a 2 hr drive is close enough to pop over for the day. So, how was your day?

Our day at Bok Sanctuary and more

Today the kids and I drove over to Winter Haven to see Jen, Jeremy and the pups at Jeremy's parents home. So good to see them. I can't tell you how much I have missed them. I'd say I'll be glad when this year is over and they come home but who knows where those two will end up when this adventure is over. I am so very proud of them though, for living "their" life. They are young and ready to conquer the world ~ in so many ways, I envy them ~ having said that I still miss them like crazy and would love for them to be closer.
After saying hello to everyone and the puppies too we (all of us and Jeremy's mom, Chris) drove over to Bok Sanctuary which is a National Historic Landmark in Lake Wales, Florida. We took in the gardens and the tower but chose to skip the Pinewood Estate. It's a 20 room early 1930s winter estate. While I would have loved to see it, especially all decked out for the holidays I thought it might be pressing it with the kids. As it was, we had a wonderful walk through the gardens. I was very impressed at Chris and Jeremy knowing the names of almost all the plants. I'm very limited in my knowledge of flora and fauna but I do appreciate the beauty just the same.
DSCN0033 DSCN0011
The mosquitos were still pretty agressive but once we got out toward the open area of "The Tower" we were fine.DSCN0029
The kids favorite part was the Koi pond. They were some pretty big fish who are very used to being hand fed so as soon as you get your hand close to the water they all come up to the surface and Nathaniel got to "pet" a few.
They have bell concerts at the Tower and it's actually a person playing the bells in the tower. I have to confess I had trouble identifying most of the selections but then I'm not really up on my classical music. I would definitely like to get back there in the spring when everything is in bloom including the orange blossoms.
Once we left there we decided to see "Enchanted." I mostly wanted to see it cause it had McDreamy ~ I mean Patrick Dempsey and the commercial did look funny. While it wasn't my all time favorite movie, it was entertaining and had some very funny parts. I think my favorite was Susan Sarandon's portrayal of the evil Queen Narissa.
Later that night Richard drove over to meet us (he unfortunately had to go into work) and we all went out to dinner with Jeremy's mom, dad and twin brother to celebrate the boys 28th birthday. The meal was good but the company was great! We always enjoy spending time with the Cox's. It was a late day/night though and we headed home to get ready for our adventure the next day... stay tuned! So, how was your day?

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Turkey Day (a little late)

So no, I didn't fall off the face of the planet.... man it's been busy around here. Let's see if I can get you caught up...
Last Thursday was Thanksgiving and I have so much to be thankful for this year. Last year at this time Richard was packed and ready to leave for Virginia for 6 very long months. I'm happy to report that I missed him much more than anticipated and although he's been back for almost 6 months now, we are still thrilled to be living in the same place and not taking each other for granted. He's still working way too many hours but at the end of the night, he's home with me. The kids are all healthy and doing reasonably well. Charlotte suffered no long term affects from her recent accident and Jen and Jeremy made it safely back to Fla for the holiday!
Charlotte came up on Wed and we shopped together for dinner. I kept it fairly simple and made Turkey DSC01988 stuffing, mashed potatoes, broccoli, biscuits, etc. I did cheat and bought the pies ~ but they were good just the same!
Julianne & Nathaniel made napkin holders and also decorated the wine glasses with a little help from their daddyDSC01980

Here's the gang sitting and snacking on munchies while awaiting the big meal
The day started out with a father son football game at the park. A fairly mild game since the fathers as well as the sons ranged in age from 6 or 7 to probably close to 60. Richard sat out on the sidelines and cheered his son on since football really isn't his thing at all. But they both had a good time. DSC01971
We all ate way to much but my wonderful husband cleaned everything up for me and I got to go to bed early. Any day I can skip cleaning up and hit the sack is a good day for me! So how was your Thanksgiving day?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Let the Holiday Season begin!

Today was the kids last day of school before Thanksgiving and I spent most of it at the school, mostly in Nathaniel's class ~ setting up for the festivities. While they kids were at recess burning off some energy I dished out the "gorp" the kids had made earlier and set out the rest of the snacks for their movie time. In case you don't know what Gorp is.. it's basically a bunch of snack type foods thrown together ~ you need a good mixture of sweet and salty. I usually start with a cereal (frosted mini wheats work well) then I add nuts, pretzels, dried fruits like raisins, cranberries and pineapples, M&M's are a must in Gorp and really anything else you can think of. It's a great snack to bring along to theme parks or any day outings really. Anyway... it was very interesting spending the afternoon observing his class. They are getting to the age now where boys don't really think girls are icky and visa versa. There were definitely some hormonal pairings going on (yes, including my son!).
After school I took both kids to get haircuts... Nathaniel really needed it ~ here he is midcut. Good thing he doesn't read my blog. I don't think he'd want this one out there... DSC01964
Here's both of my darlings with their new do's.. DSC01970
We even managed to get in some pre Thanksgiving Christmas shopping cause there is NO WAY you'll catch me anywhere near a mall on Black Friday! So... let the festivities begin. How was your day?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A holiday "must see"

It's been a pretty good weekend ~ even though Richard ended up working ALL of it and when I say all of it, I mean from early morning till the wee hours of the next morning. On Saturday he took Nathaniel to work with him so I took the opportunity to get Julianne into her room to get it cleaned up. Believe me, that's no easy task. She's more of a mess than I am and that's saying a lot. In any case, we got quite a bit done and even threw out a whole garbage bag full of stuff. That's always means a successful clean up to me. It still has a way to go but you can actually walk in her room now. We did go and get her some new bigger shelves that Richard will put together some day when he doesn't have to work all day. Richard and Nathaniel came home for dinner which was nice and then Richard went back in until about 2:00 am. The next day he took Julianne into work and Nathaniel and I (mostly Nathaniel) worked on his room. I stayed in his room to keep him on task but he did most of the work himself. I worked on another miniature reproduction quilt DSC01960
Again, it's machine pieced but hand tied and quilted. I'm really having fun doing these!

Once Nathaniel got enough done in his room (still got miles to go!) we went and sprung Julianne from Daddy's office and went to the movies to see "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Eporium. I highly recommend this one. It's not earth shattering and while it's not really about Christmas, it will absolutely put you in the holiday mood. Just sitting and watching the sites and taking it all in was kind of a breath of fresh air. Great cast with Dustin Hoffman as the kooky Mr Magorium ~ made me fall in like with him all over again. Jason Bateman was adorable as the strait laced accountant (Mutant) brought in to set accounts straight. It's a must see!
The theatre we saw the movie at was very cool. It's tucked away off of the main streets of Melbourne in a quaint little shopping plaza full of old trees and it would remind you of the really nice old time theatres. DSC01959 Very beautiful inside and out. Heavy red velvet curtains but with the modern convenience of theatre seats! The theatre was all decked out for Christmas which helped with the holiday spirit!DSC01958
Almost forgot... Happy birthday to Tony Maizan, Paul's wonderful dad.
Well that was my weekend... how was yours?

Friday, November 16, 2007

Life after 51!

Well time marches on and so must I. My birthday is over and I'll have to get used to that! It took me a day to recover from all the festivities but back at school I was yesterday, finishing up the bulletin board for Nathaniel's (or Nate as he's called in school now) class.
Today was the Turkey Trot. The kids walk/run laps to raise money for their PE program. Anyone want to donate? Nathaniel did 16 laps and Julianne did 15 laps. I gave them a dollar for each lap they did. Here's Nathaniel at the end of his laps DSC01953
and here's Julianne at the start of hers DSC01955
More school news is that Julianne got the good citizenship award for her grade this week ~ and here's this months good citizens. She's right off the middle DSC01957
And for all of you who watch General Hospital (the ONLY soap) ~ How blown away were you that they killed off Emily? I sure didn't see that one coming. At least they kept Jason alive. The day he is gone is the day I stop watching!
Well that was my day, how was yours?

Birthdays other than mine!

I have two birthdays to acknowledge...
My friend Shelley's birthday was yesterday. She is an amazing person (even if she is WAAAY young) raising two adorable little guys. She is very active in her church and is always helping others less fortunate and she has a sharp and funny wit that'll surprise you. Here we are at my last birthday (she got me a "You say I'm a bitch like it's a bad thing" booklet)DSC00172.JPG She lives over in Valrico and I do miss getting to see her at school everyday.

The other birthday is today and it's my Alex!!! Happy Birthday honey! For those of you who don't know Alex (how is that possible??) she joined our family when we lived in Raleigh, NC. We worked in the same office at the "Y" and I was always amused watching the strange group of people she associated with and don't even get me started on the phone conversations I overheard. Then there was the knife weilding weirdo (who worked at the "Y") who kept trying to convince her that she should be a lesbian! Then there was the guys she dated... but I digress.
She and I became closer when I was in the hospital (after having the hysterectomy ~ is that too much information?) and I needed someone to bring Jen to the hospital after she got off school. All my other "so called" friends were too busy and Alex not only dropped everything to get Jen and bring her to the hospital ~ she brought "Bob the wonder chicken" and made me laugh so hard it hurt ~ well that and her bouncing on the bed! In any case, from that day on I knew she was someone special and a few months later she ended up moving in with us. She and Jen are like sisters and would raid each others closets ~ of course there was the time Jen stole Alex's jacket and wore it to school not knowing that Alex's car keys were in the pocket! It's actually funny that Alex looks more like me than she does her actual mother! She even has the same gold rings around her blue eyes that Jen and I have. In any case, she is the daughter ya'll never knew about and now she is a mother of the amazing Tyler with Baby "B" due in 12 weeks. Happy Bithday honey ~ I love you!!!!

Bonnie Raitt , Jon Cleary and my birthday continued

I know, I've fallen behind again! I partially blame my husband (why not, really) cause I was waiting for him to upload some photos for me! Anyway... that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
When we last visited my life, it was my 51st birthday! Cards and well wishes are still coming in ~ thanks!
Tuesday my MIL, Charlotte came up and we went to see Bonnie Raitt. It was a FANTASTIC show and we were in the 6th row center to see it all! The opening act was a group called Jon Cleary and the absolute monster gentlemen (or as they call themselves The monster gents). They are a New Orleans funk type band and they were absolutely amazing.

The band members were all born and raised in New Orleans with the exception of Jon himself who was born in England but has lived in New Orleans for the last 20 years. Jon also played the keyboards and sang with Bonnie throughout her show. Charlotte and I each got one of his many CD's and had him sign them.
Bonnie Raitt herself was probably one of the most amazing performers I've ever seen. I've always liked her but after seeing her, I am a die-hard fan! Not only does the woman look incredible for any age, let alone 58, she can wail and she can jam too.

After the concert was over and we were waiting for our chauffeur to pick us up ~ I noticed the crowd around Jon Cleary was beginning to thin so I asked him if he would pose with Charlotte for a picture, which he graciously did. Now mind you, this is from my cell phone and yes, I had part of my finger in the way ~ but here it is just the same ~ me embarrasing the hell out of my MIL!noname_4-1.jpg-1.jpg
Seriously, it was a wonderful night and Charlotte had purchased these tickets for us as a birthday present to me but I have to say as much as I loved the concert, the real present for me was watching Charlotte at this concert. I have never seen her this happy in my life, she smiled, she clapped, she danced ~ she really enjoyed herself and I am thrilled that I got to see it and be a part of it. I think sometimes I take for granted all the things that I get to do, have always gotten to do ~ concerts, shows, etc that she never got the chance to. I have a feeling she and I will be doing this quite a bit more from now on.
We did go to dinner before the concert with Richard and the kids ~ at Uno's. They really have a good menu ~ and are very family friendly albeit very loud! Anyway ~ here's us DSC01946 and yes, Mr. T (Ipitythefool) attempted to "fix" my hair just before this and he did manage to get a bit of the brightness out ~ but this was his idea of a great hair style (geesh!) and I didn't have a chance to fix it before leaving for dinner and the concert.
and them DSC01947 at dinner. And of course here's Charlotte with our wonderful chauffeur (a good idea since I drank both of those big red drinks you are looking at!)
I promise to post more later ... So, how was your day?

Monday, November 12, 2007

American Girl Dolls anyone?

So I'll spare you the nasty details of how I woke up this morning with a nasty infected blotch in my armpit or the fact that I had my yearly "ladyland" drs visit.... What I did do today was make a miniature quilt!DSC01944 The picture didn't come out as well as I'd have liked so I'll have to redo it another time ~ too tired tonight... but it's all done in 1930's reproduction fabrics and it's just the right size for the American Girl dolls. It's machine pieced but hand quilted and tied (just like in the old days) I'm thinking about doing a series of them ~ some reproduction ones (I even have civil war era repro's) and then some funky colorful ones and some very girly ones and put them for sale on my web site (once it's up to speed).
Julianne doesn't do the American Girl dolls and even if she did it wouldn't be the "historical" ones but if you know anyone who does collect them... I'd love some feed back on what you think of this idea. I came up with it cause I wanted to do something with all those bits and pieces of fabrics I had left over, and this seemed like a good idea. I guess we'll see how it flies.
Other than that the day was pretty non eventful (which is good for me!) We did go to Outback Steakhouse for dinner and it was very yummy. They have the best croutons on the planet!
I'm also hooked on a new show. It's called Moon Light. I started Tivo~ing it but hadn't watched any of them until this weekend when I had a good ol' marathon of them. Really good show ~ it's about a vampire (cute, of course) who's a Private eye and an all around nice guy (even gets his blood from the bloodbank). Of course there is the cute female reporter who even though they swear there is nothing between them, the sexual tension is so thick you could butter it and serve it for dinner! Of course I also like the show, Blood Ties ~ Again hot sexy vampire ~ anyone sensing a theme here? Anyway.. back to real life!
I do have one birthday to report today .
I want to thank all of you who called, emailed and sent cards ~ I really appreciate you thinking of me. Those of you who didn't ~ SHAME ON YOU! Just kidding! This pic is about a year old cause Mr. T isn't fixing my hair till tomorrow so you'll just have to wait! That was my day, so how was yours?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Last night's rocket launch

"The massive 24-story Delta 4-Heavy rocket is ready to fly on its second flight, three years after its first ended with the dummy satellite nearly 10,000 miles short of its target orbit. This time, the mammoth vehicle will have a real payload onboard: the 23rd and last Defense Support Program (DSP) missile-warning satellite. Launch is targetted for Nov. 10 at 8:39pm EST with a launch window stretching to 10:41pm EST."

And I got to see it! I don't know that I'll ever get used to seeing these launches. There is no word more suited to these than "awesome". The kids and I went outside last night just before 8:39 and after about 5 minutes the kids got bored and went inside. It happened to be a beautiful night last night so I waited just a bit more and ended up getting a call from my sister Joey on the cell so I stayed outside to chat with her. Next thing I knew there was a beautiful light flying through the sky just over our house. I was able to follow it for quite a while before it finally disappeared in the night. One of our other neighbors was outside as well ~ I'm really surprised not more people here follow the launches but I'm sure glad I was able to. I did manage to get the kids outside in time to see part of it and they thought it was very cool as well. I hope that someday while you are visiting me, you'll get to see one of these fantastic shows.
So, how was your day?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Happy Veteran's day!

I feel sad for Veteran's day. By the time it rolls around the stores are bombarding you with Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday stuff and Veteran's day is just brushed aside ~ that is, unless you go to Quest Elementary. Veteran's day is a big deal here. Every year the 5th graders are asked to do a poster on an American Veteran. Nathaniel chose to do his on the coolest Vet around ~ our very own Paul. I have to say "We've" had a lot of fun with this. Julianne and I shopped for all the papers and stickers and such ~ Richard worked his magic with photoshopping one or two of the pictures and printing them out for me and Nathaniel and I put the poster together. I must say that ours was one of the best ones I've seen.
I've spent quite a few of the last few days at school helping to set up the display of posters. They line the entire driveway of the school and then some. It is truly wonderful to see our Military appreciated so much.

If you haven't met Paul, you are truly missing out on someone special. We met Paul more than 10 years ago when he was dating Alex. Alex ended up moving in with us and Paul became a regular houseguest as well. I have to say, from the first day we met we became family. He and Alex went their separate ways (although are still friends) and they have both married equally wonderful people and I got to keep both of them in my life. Paul has gone on several very fun vacations with us. Nathaniel and Julianne were both in his wedding. He is also Julianne's godfather. Paul and Shannon also made the trip to North Carolina to see Jen graduate from college even though he had only been back in the country for days after a very long deployment overseas. He also drove to Chicago when Julianne was born and drove Jen back to NC for us. If you ever want to laugh you have to see the video he shot at the hospital when Nathaniel was born. It's hysterical. He is an wonderful addition to our family. He never fails to send mother's day cards and always calls on birthdays. He is generous to a fault. Very sweet and soft spoken but I can only imagine that Military Paul is quite different ~ you'd have to be in his situation. Paul served in the Army (special forces) for 10 years and has been through things you and I can't even imagine and for him and all the others that serve our country, I am so very grateful.
So, on this Veteran's day, if you know a vet ~ call them and say thanks! I know I will.
Oh and Shannon (who is also a Vet) Julianne has already decided that in 2 yrs when she is in 5th grade she's doing her poster on YOU!
So, how was your day?

Red Hair Update

Well I finally grew a pair and called the hair salon. Spoke with "Mr. T." ~ go on, say it... "I pity the Fool". Anyway Mr. T. is going to give me a full credit AND redo my hair for me next week! YEAH ME!!! Now I'm off with the family to run errands. How's your day so far?

A very unnatural shade of RED

DSC01935Can I tell you how much I miss my hairdresser back in Valrico. For a while after we moved I made the 2 1/2hr drive over there to get my hair done but the last couple of times I decided that it was nuts to drive that far and to look for someone here locally. The first place I tried, they turned my hair mousey brown and for a style she basically ran her hands thru it while blasting the blow dryer at my head ~ not so good. This second time was even worse! I am now a very unnatural shade of red. The color is actually called Cherry Cola. I think it's more like "YIKES". This woman was so not gentle with my head and very sloppy. At one point I had a blob of hair color on my arm just below my elbow and she had the nerve to ask "What did you do here?" WHAT DID I DO? You try getting your elbow on your head and tell me if it's even possible for me to do that? Then while rinsing the dye (mostly) out of my hair she kept scrubbing on a place on my face that she assumed she splashed more dye only it wasn't and now my face has a rash/burn on it from her scrubbing it so hard. The first thing Richard said when he saw me was "what did you do to your face?" Of course that was after he sheilded his eyes from the bright redness of my hair ~ thankyouverymuch!!! Anyway she was an equally bad stylist who did use a brush this time but her wonderful styling technique made me look like a batch of tribbles on my head! Yes, I know I should have said something but a)I tend to be non confrontational when it comes to sticking up for myself and b) I really just wanted to get the hell out of there and never go back. I did hear her ask another stylist if she should charge me for long hair (HUH?) and the girl said no. It wasn't until later when I looked at the bill, she actually did charge me ~ right there on the bill it stated "Long Hair ~ $10". I did go home and style my hair myself which helped. It's still so very red so today I will shampoo it with Pert which I'm not sure if you know or not, will actually take some of the color out of your hair and then I will call the manager of the salon and let her know what happened and that I want at least a partial refund of my money. And stupid me, I even tipped the woman! Can you see the foot prints on my back?
Well the day wasn't a total loss cause after running some errands the kids and I headed to the beach for some shaved ice. Oasis shaved ice is our new favorite place. For those of you who have never had shaved ice, it looks similar to a snow cone and yes, it's flavor poured on top of ice but that's where the similarities end. The ice is truly shaven so there are no crunchy bits. It's as smooth as sherbert. There was a place in Boone that we used to go to whenever we vacationed there. It looked like a little elf cottage but we usually went up there in winter and the place was always closed so we are happy to have found this place. While we were there Richard called and he was actually leaving the office at 5:00. This in itself would make for a wonderful day since he's been working till at least 8:00 every night but he heard of a great place to eat and would we like to try it!
He met us at the shaved ice place so we could leave a car and ride together. The place is called Ozzie's Crab house and its in Grant, Fl which is about 1/2 hr south of us on US1. I got the Stone Crabs which are now in season and they were the best I've ever had not to mention the biggest. DSC01930 Richard got the garlic blue crabs. DSC01933Nathaniel got fried clam strips and Julianne, of course, got chicken fingers. Everyone's food was wonderful. Now mind you, this is a little shack of place with tables that are wobbly and covered with newspaper. They supply you with buckets and hammers ~ better to crack the crabs with! They had a guy with a guitar singing C&W who wasn't half bad. In any case we had a great time. Here's Nathaniel enjoying the amazing key lime pie for dessert DSC01936
By the time we got home Julianne was already asleep and after ushering her into the house here is where she ended up.DSC01937 She says she likes feeling like she is still in a crib ~ go figure.
So that was my day, How was your day?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

My Baby Brother is 21!

It's so hard to believe that my youngest brother, Matthew is 21! I can still vividly remember the day he was born. I was just 3 days shy of turning 30, which was traumatic enough ~ but having a newborn baby brother was just surreal. I was at the hospital and actually in Patty's room up until she started pushing ~ my cue to exit stage left. Not that I'm squeamish about these things, but I understand when there is a time for privacy. But I digress… Not only is he my baby brother, but he is also my godson. He's an amazing young man, a talented musician, and he is going to make an outstanding teacher in a few years. He has a band called "Another Day in December," and you can check them out here.
In any case… Happy Birthday Matt!!!

I'll love you always! Sissy Barbara
So, how was your day?