Saturday, December 22, 2007

Fun on Ice

Today was a fun filled day ~ we took the kids to the ice skating rink here (well actually it's in Rockledge ~ but close enough!) It actually felt like winter ~ nice and icy! Julianne refused to skate but Nathaniel couldn't wait to get on the ice. Rich and I sacrificed ourselves and stayed with Julianne! They actually have these cool "walkers" now for ice skating when you are unsure of your footing. DSCN0307 The woman offered me one and I said "If I get out on that ice, I'll be using a walker PERMANENTLY so no thanks!" They had a good time although I am still deciding on my SIL's fate after he body checked Nathaniel and they both bit the ice! Unfortunately I missed the whole episode ~ darn!DSCN0297
Nate also ran into his friend from school, Vinnie, who's brother was having an ice skate birthday. I think Vinnie was happy to have one of his friends there too.
So, How was your day?

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