Friday, December 21, 2007

A Busy Day

Today was a busy but great day! It started off with a drop off at the post office (Jen's application papers for University of Fla) and then a trip to The Quilt Place so Jen could pick out some fabrics for a project she'd like to do (my daughter sewing? My Christmas is complete!). With that task done we headed to Yanni's diner for brunch and then a very wonderful and relaxing hour getting pedicures for Jen, Myself and Jeremy. After that it was a mad dash over to the school to show Jen & Jeremy around and take in the last few minutes of Julianne's Christmas party. Upon arriving in Julz' class her teacher put is right to work helping kids with crafts. I must say, Jeremy does well being put into unfamiliar situations and nary a complaint was heard!IMG_1823 Then we ran over to Nathaniel's room just in time to grab him from being put on the bus (we somehow missed Julianne and she did take the bus!). Chilled at the house for a little bit and then met Richard for dinner at Frankie's Wings which was yummy. A quick trip to Target pretty much finished up my Christmas shopping YIPEE!!! So, How was your day?

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