Sunday, December 9, 2007

16 Days and Counting

Until Christmas...well actually, we will be celebrating Christmas on the 24th so we can celebrate with Jen and Jeremy before they leave for South Florida. This is not a stretch for us, we did if for years when Jen was growing up cause she always had to fly to her Dad's on Christmas eve. I know she hated having to balance between us but I think we all did the best we could. In any case, when the kids were really little they never knew the difference but now that they are older it's a new story. Nathaniel no longer believes in Jolly Ol' St. Nick and to be honest I don't think Julianne does either but she's still trying to hold on to the story for as long as possible. What we've told her (and many other children who have celebrated with us a day earlier) is that Santa has sooo many houses to get to that he really starts a day early and this year he's getting to us first! It's always placated them and really what kid would turn down presents a day early?
Last night we went to the party for Richard's office. It was "interesting" to say the least. Most of the people (I had not really met most of them before) were really nice. It was at the Suntree Country clubSuntree Country Club
It was really decorated very nice ~ not too over the top but very elegant. The food was wonderful. I had filet mignon which just melted in your mouth and Richard had the salmon which he says was wonderful as well. Even the appetizers before hand were excellent ~ especially the scallops wrapped in bacon ~ YES ~ I ate scallops! As we entered the country club we were greeted by carolers dressed in costumes from days gone by and then they had a photographer waiting to take your photo by one of the many many beautiful Christmas trees.
AuthenTec Holiday Party 2007 My hair was just NOT cooperating last night but Richard looks good, doncha think?
They had some fun and games ah la "Deal or No Deal" and gave away a 50" flat screen plasma TV, a video Ipod, a tablet PC and a GPS system and No, we didn't win any of them but the thought that we could have was nice. My favorite part of the evening was the dancing ~ not doing but watching! There were a couple of people who could really dance and I enjoy watching them ~ the best dancer by far though was the DJ. That man could move! He showed everyone how to do the Cha Cha slide, the Soldja Boy and the Cuban slide. We did get roped into the conga line for a bit but by far the best was watching the really really drunk people "try" to dance and some of the women who thought they were the sexiest things alive trying to gyrate on the dance floor. It never ceases to amaze me. They also had an ice "luge". Basically it was a big block of ice with the company name carved into it and they poured a shot of vodka into one side and it comes out the other where some brave (or foolish) soul was waiting to catch it in their mouth. Looked like fun but I wasn't in a comfortable enough environment to participate. Wonder how much they run for our next party?
The kids were watched by our new favorite babysitter, Miley (yes like Cyress!). I found her by crossing the street and accosting her and her friend who where hanging out in front of his house.
She lives just around the corner and her rates are wonderful ~ plus she arrived early and the kids really like her. So, a good evening was had by all ~ We never did get the Christmas decorations done but we did get them out of the garage so guess what we will do today and hopefully I'll have photos for you tomorrow. Right now I'm going to finish my pumpkin spiced Chai tea that my wonderful husband just made me
So, how was your day?

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