Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Packages are on their way.. well almost all

I felt so good this afternoon. Last night I finished up the last of my sewing stuff to send out of town with this quilt DSCN0261 for a certain someone and this apron DSCN0258for her mother. This morning I wrapped all 17 gifts to go out of town (did I mention I HATE wrapping presents?) found boxes for all ~ really just 6 boxes total and took them to The UPS Store. Much to my surprise I didn't even have to wait in line. Cost me an arm and a leg to ship but that's only normal these days ~ But hey, it was done.. until tonight and I realized I have ONE MORE PACKAGE TO SEND ~ ARRRRGGGGG! I guess that's what tomorrow is for. Tomorrow I also have to finish my shopping ~ just a few final things and get the gift certificates for the teacher. I was disappointed in the lack of donations received cause she really is a great teacher. I just hope that all those that didn't participate will get her something on their own.
It's been pretty cold for here and Nathaniel is pretty happy about that. He likes to bundle up DSCN0256 as does his sister DSCN0255
I should say "sisters" cause although I don't have a photo his big sister is never happier than when she can put on a cute sweater. Well my batch of banana pudding (ya know the kind with nilla wafers and bananas in it) is ready to be eaten and the kids are foaming at the mouth ~ so I best go feed the beasts. That was my day.. How was yours?

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