Sunday, December 23, 2007

Red Tide SUCKS

Today we decided to go over to our favorite place and get some shaved ice. Unfortunately when we got there the place was closed. Not sure if it's because it was Sunday or because the red tide was so bad they had to close because they are right across the street from the beach. We ended up stopping down the street to gas up the car and Richard had barely opened the back window for us to get air and we all started coughing and choking. It was seriously that bad! I'm hoping that by the time Jen & Jeremy come back up on Jan 4th it will have subsided a bit ~ I did promise them shaved ice after all!

We finished up all our shopping today since Christmas for us will be tomorrow morning.DSC02000 and got everything wrapped DSC02001
Although Julianne & Jeremy didn't quite make it to the finish line...
DSCN0290DSCN0291and once we got the kids to bed ~ got everything under the tree DSC02021
I'm dying to know what is in the large package to the right of the tree ~ it's for me and we've guessed everything from a canoe to a giant hot dog (we were hungry) to an Egyptian sarcophagus. I guess I'll know tomorrow. So, How was your day?

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