Monday, March 31, 2008

Best line of the day

From Kickingbear Blog:

Humans are damn good at picking out important visual information rapidly. We’re good at it because otherwise 6,000 years ago we’d all have been eaten by Dinosaurs.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

So long Peggie

Today I traveled over to Tampa to say good-bye to a wonderful person and great friend, Peggie. She leaves Sunday for Germany. She will be there anywhere from 3 to 5 years after which she plans on returning to the states somewhere closer to Arizona where her parents live. I really will miss her.
This is our great sewing group. From left to right is Gail, MaryCatherine, Peg, Prudence, Deb and Yours Truly. We had a wonderful lunch at Mimi's Cafe in Carrollwood. I brought everyone these cool pouches I made yesterday. DSC02592 I think they really liked them. Julianne had already taken the pink heart one and no one was more surprised than me to have Richard ask for one. He wanted it to keep the cables in his backpack neatly contained. I made him one a bit less "girly."
After leaving the luncheon, Deb and I went over to Heritage Quilts to get some fabric for a quilt she is making for her brother and soon-to-be SIL. How much fun is that ~ picking out fabric and not having to pay for it! She may come over in a couple of weeks to work on it. I promised to help her with the layout ~ I love doing stuff like that ~ especially with friends.
Once that was done, I headed east to Winter Park (just NE of Orlando) to see Jen: she was in town for the birth of her newest cousin. My ex SIL Valerie had a baby girl on Friday. I stopped on the way and got some diapers, travel wipes etc and put them in the little froggie pouch as a gift for the new little one (along with a little pink onesie I just couldn't resist).
I really loved getting to visit with Jen, and it makes me even more anxious to go up to Alabama to see her in a couple of weeks.

Well, that was my day. So, how was yours?

Friday, March 28, 2008

The chicks are growing so fast

A couple of times lately I've shown you pics of the Sandhill cranes we have here with a new little chick in tow. A couple of times this week I've seen a pair of cranes with two chicks and today I managed to get a couple of pics thanks to Rich driving up and down the street very slowly while I snapped away.
Just as a side note, our neighborhood cranes have flown the coop ~ smart birds!

So, how was your day?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Just a reminder

Just a reminder to get your yearly mammogram ~ I got my boobs squished today by a nice nurse named Charlotte. If I can do it, so can you! It's time to take care of yourself and make sure you are around for a very long time!
That was my day ~ So, How was your day?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Has it been a year?

Today is Jennifer & Jeremy's first anniversary. Let me start off by saying "Congratulations." They have had a really good first year. Lots of ups and downs (not with each other ~ just life in general) but they did it all together. Some times it seems amazing that it's been a year already yet sometimes I can't remember when they weren't together. I admire them both really. They take the good with the bad and handle it all with a style all their own. They are young, in love and have the whole world in their reach. This next year will be another one of changes but I know they will take each one in stride and make the most out of it. Jennifer has accepted the offer from University of Florida (Go Gators) and I, for one, will be happy to have her closer. Jeremy once interned at the newspaper there and hopefully will be welcomed back. Here's a few pics of them that I thought you might enjoy!

Happy Anniversary you two... may you have a lifetime more!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

We had a really good day today. The best I can remember in a long time. The kids slept in since we stayed up so late last night. Richard and I made up "clues" for them (12 each) rhyming no less ~ and sent them in search of their Easter baskets. Here's Julianne finding a "clue" under my Flamingo snow globe DSC02564
And Nate reading a clue he found under the wine bottles (classy, huh?). DSC02563
We literally sent them all over the house (even into the garage). They had a blast doing this hunt and really enjoyed the fruits of their labor. DSC02569 DSC02567C
Later that day they put on their new suits and we headed out for the beach. Nathaniel has made some kind of amazing discovery DSC02573
The water was just too cold for Julz so she opted for playing in the sand DSC02572
Here's Richard just Chilaxing at the beach. I haven't seen him smile like this in ages. DSC02571
Here he is digging in the sand with his baby girl (can you spot Buggy in the water?)
After this we got some great pizza then stopped for shaved ice before coming home. By the time we got home it was really too late to start cooking a big easter dinner (awww!) and we were still full from pizza and ice so we've decided to cook the ham tomorrow! We did end up heating up some leftovers around 7:30 while we watched Spiderman 3. All in all a great day and one I'm sure we'll all remember! So, how was your day?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Was it a good friday?

Seriously, for being "Good Friday" it was really pretty uneventful. Richard had to work. I sewed (and sewed and sewed) and the kids pretty much just took the day off ~ they read, played video games etc.
Today Richard had to work AGAIN so we (Nate and I) packed a lunch for everyone and went and met Richard at his office ~ well, outside his office actually. It was a nice day out and he works right on the water and they have picnic benches so why not take advantage of it. Here's the kids exploring the water front DSC02542
And here's my honey ~ see the parking lot actually ends at the waterfront! DSC02540
We walked over to a nearby doc and just as I'm about to step back onto the parking lot a dolphin surfaced right under me ~ I about jumped out of my skin. Now, I know they are around there but I really didn't expect him that close. I really could have reached down and touched him. The kids ran over to the retainer wall and he came up pretty close a couple of times to check us out. Not only wasn't I quick enough to get a photo, I managed to drop my camera case in the water! Fortunately my camera wasn't in it. Here are my boys fishing it out for me. DSC02544 I was sorta hoping the dolphin would pull a "Flipper" and come and get it for us and hand it right to me but that didn't happen.
Saturday night we colored Easter Eggs. We each did 3. The kids wanted to do more but really, what do you do with dozens of eggs?DSC02559
Buggy has decided to let his hair grow out ~ isn't he too cute? DSCN0500
And Julz is ... well... she's Julz ~ nuff said! DSC02557
Well it's off to bed for now... Big day tomorrow. So, How was your day?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sadie gets a haircut

My last day of freedom before the three day weekend and how do I spend it? Getting blood work done (routine stuff) and taking the dog to the groomers. I did do a bit of shopping today though. Got a dress for Jen & Jeremy's graduation ceremony in August. Got Nathaniel, Julianne and I new shoes and got their Easter basket stuff. I decided to go with minimal candy this year. I'm really trying to cut down on the amount of sugar consumed in this house. This year they each got a new bathing suit, she got some hair clips and little pet shop animals. He got some Pokemon cards and a rubic's challenge cube. I used the easter grass that you are supposed to be able to eat and instead of traditional baskets I got her a "high school musical" canvas bag and he got a camouflage type bucket. Here is Sadie after her hair cut with her new nylabone. She's not sure if she likes it or not. DSC02536 I think I need to find a new groomer though. I dropped her off at 11:30 and asked when I should pick her up. They told me it would be about 3 hours. I said great I'll pick her up after I pick up the kids at 2:30. Well the kids were hungry when I picked them up so we went to Steak & Shake. Here's Julz modeling S&S's finest wear.

And here's what happens when this guy...

Eats these...

Now you'd think since he's tried them before, he'd know better but hey, he's 10 and besides it makes for great photos for me.
Anyway.. back to the groomers.... I arrive back at the groomers a bit after 3:30 hoping they are not upset that I am late and I'm told (not nicely either) "She's not ready yet." "Really? They told me 2:30." "Well it's a 4 hour window." "Well, it's been over 4 hours!" "Well, she's not done so we'll call you when she's ready and you can come back." "Could you at least give me an idea of when she'll be ready so I know whether to drive all the way home just in time for you to call and make me drive all the way back or if I should just do some shopping nearby." It'll be at least a half an hour." Now, if they had just been nice about the whole thing rather than make me feel like I've done something wrong it wouldn't have been so bad. If they had just said, "I'm sorry" we are running a bit late. But no ~ the girl was really really snippy with me. Anyhow... we decided to go a few doors down and get some new shoes for the gang. Nathaniel got some cool new sneakers and I got some strappy white sandals and Julz got some white flip flop type sandals. All in all a good shopping trip.
Well, Sadie finally got done at the groomers and was very happy to see us. She was especially happy to see Richard when he got home. She pinned him down and tried to give him kisses! She's such a spoiled dog!DSC02539

So, How was your day?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Not a bad drive

DSC02516Today I drove down to Ft. Pierce to meet my MIL for lunch. She lives in Ft. Lauderdale which is just under two and a half hours away. Both of us have been very busy lately ~ she hasn't been able to get up here and I haven't been able to get down there so we decided to "split the difference." We each drove just over an hour and had a nice long lunch at R.J. Gators in Ft. Pierce. She takes the turnpike up and I take I-95 down and Ft. Pierce just happens to be where the two meet so it's a perfect place! We met at 11:00 and left just before 1:00 so I was able to get back in time to pick the kids up from school. She even brought me this cute little bunny DSC02527.JPG
Tonight Nathaniel was our chef DSC02519 He made some yummy spaghetti with meat sauce and after dinner he and Julianne played "Life" with dad. DSC02522
I did get to watch "Dancing with the Stars" last night. I was amazed at how well Priscilla Presley did. She's kinda scary looking these days but she held her own. I'm not sure who I'm rooting for yet this year. None of the celebs are a particular favorite. I almost like the professional dancers better. I think I'm voting for Derek Hough ~he's such a cutie. Well, that was my day. So, how was your day?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Just wanted to pop in and wish you all a wonderful St. Patty's Day! Did everyone wear something green today? Here are the kidlets and the pupper in their festive wear.


Of course, I took 7 shots before this that didn't come out right. The dog wanted nothing to do with this.

I made the required corned beef and cabbage tonight, but it was a disaster. The corned beef I bought had so much fat all the way through it that it was impossible (and disgusting) to eat. Today I will go back to the grocery store and get my money back. Those things are not cheap, and it's a matter of principle.

I was nice when I talked to the manager and really, my point of calling was to let him know that the store had purchased an inferior product. This way, if he gets more calls like mine, he can let whomever he purchased from know about it.

Jen & Jeremy are in DC this week celebrating their anniversary which is actually next week ~ but they are off from school this week so... Sounds like they are having a good time. They spent some time with their friend Mara and will be spending some time with Jen's Uncle Keith. Can you believe it's already been a year?

The kids and I will be going up so see them the second week in April and I'm really looking forward to it. Richard has to work as usual; not sure how much more of this he can take...

Well, I'm off to bed for now. I've got plans for tomorrow!

So, how was your day?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Is it that time again?

Time to get ready for another week. Today was another productive day though. Today Nathaniel and I (with some technical help from dad) worked on his book report that is due on Thursday. He has to make a scrapbook complete with letters, journal entries, photos and mementos from the main characters perspective. His book was from a young girl's POV. It takes place as she moves to Hawaii in November of 1941 and the insanity of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Here are a couple of his pages.
The actual book DSC02503
His "journal" cover DSC02504
We made a japanese flag (of sorts) and then burned it around the edges. He journaled about how he found this in the wreckage of one of the japanese fighter planes. (and no Jen I didn't set the kitchen on fire again!) DSC02506
Okay this one was all his idea ~ it's supposed to be a bloody bandage because she helped out with the wounded soldiers at the hospital. First we dragged the bandage thru the ashes left over from burning an incense stick and then dropped a few drops of red food coloring on it and rubbed it in. I have to say it looked a little too realistic for me. Sorry about the glare! DSC02508
Julianne was also productive today. She wanted to sew and made herself this Wonder Wallet (A Lazy Girl Design) and a tissue cover using some Pink Panther fabric. I think she did a fabulous job, don't you? DSC02502
She also worked on her March book report. She has to make up a story all on her own (well with a little help from me). Her story is about a girl and a talking monkey in seach of a magic pistachio tree. Considering we were munching on a bag of pistachios at the time, I wonder where she got the idea?
This morning we did see another family of Sandhill Cranes with a little chick in tow. We, of course, had to stop to see if we could get a few pics. DSC02495C
Well I did get a bit of sewing done today but not much as Richard had to work part of the day but I think it was a productive day non the less. So, How was your day?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Friday was science day

Friday at school was a day to take a break from FCATs and prepare for next weeks (science) FCATs. I escorted Nate's class from room to room where each of the 5th grade teachers had set up some fun science experiments to teach/remind them of what will be on the FCATs this week. I have to say I learned quite a bit and most of the teachers managed to make it fun. My favorite was the older male teacher who challenged them to take an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper and cut it (leaving all four corners in tact) so that he could actually walk thru it. Most of the kids immediately said it couldn't be done but he promised them it could and said the exciting part of science is figuring out how to do the things that seem impossible. He did show them how it was done and then, yes it seemed simple. I didn't think to get any pics ~ sorry bout that!
Julianne spent the evening at her friend, Devon's house and Nathaniel and I munched on left overs for dinner as Richard ended up working late. I'm working on several quilt tops and a few other sewing things ~ again most of which I can't show you as the recipients read my blog.
DSC02491 I can show you this top. It's not quilted yet and I've hung it up just to see how it "feels" on the wall. It matches the whole placemat, table runner thing I've been doing in the dining room.
Saturday morning we went and looked at the house in Cocoa Beach. It was okay and I'd actually be okay buying it (not for what they are asking though) but not renting it. It needs some major cosmetic work and I'm okay doing that for a house I'm buying but I'm not willing to put a lot of work and money into a house someone else owns. We did see some other stuff we liked and I think we have decided to definitely stay in the school district for now. I really don't want to move the kids again ~ they both have made some wonderful friends.
Julianne and her friend Devon went to a St. Patrick's day parade with Devon's mom and brother. They got pelted with tons of candy and beads. Believe it or not, they didn't planned their look alike shirts ~ but here you go... DSC02490
Nathaniel spent some time over at his friend, Jacob's house but now all the kids (plus Devon, who is spending the night) are home. I still managed to get two quilt tops done so I feel I've accomplished a lot today. Now it's time to hit the sack and be ready for tomorrow. So, How was your day?

Thursday, March 13, 2008


This is the week of the dreaded FCATS at the kids school. Actually they don't mind them at all. Two 40 minute tests per day and the rest of the day is spent at recess, lunch or just goofing off! Nate's class started off the week with a "Kite and Bubbles" day. It was chaotic but fun.DSC02474
He did really well with his kite once I realized I had screwed up and attached the string in the wrong place. I spent most of the time helping kids untangle their kites. Here's "the boy" with friends Jacob and Brian
And I really liked this picture of his kite (pokemon) against the beautiful blue sky.
The kids have been my "guest" chefs this week. DSC02483On Tuesday Julianne made (under my close supervision) some yummy egg salad ~ served here with asparagus, tomatoes and cucumbers on the sideDSC02484
We continue the search for a new house to live in when our lease is up here. The neighborhood craziness continues and we try to stay out of the way. This week the fight between our next door neighbor and another woman down the street escalated with the next door neighbor pulling up in front of the other woman's house, rolling down the window and calling her a bitch in front of her son and mine ~ giving her "the finger" and then speeding off. I'm thinking this new feud is stemming from some nasty stuff written on the wooden playground equipment at the park aimed at Nathaniel and the women down the street's son. It was written in chalk and I just went down and washed it off ~ the other mom had wished I had left it there so she could call the police on the girl who she thinks wrote it (the girl who's family tried to sue us). Me, I'll just be glad when I see this neighborhood in the rear view mirror of the moving van. We are probably gonna go look at a house in Cocoa Beach this weekend. It's a 4/3 with a pool. I hate to change the kids school again but it looks like a great house and we'll definitely keep looking in this area too but I like to keep my options open.
DSC02487And here is my new best friend who's helping me thru it all ~ it doesn't get much better than this! So, How was your day?