Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 ~ really? Already?

This year seems to have just flown by but I have to say, it's nice to have this blog to look back on to see just what I did this last year, how much the kids have grown, where I was a year ago.
I'm not one to make New Year's Resolutions 'cause I'm just not disciplined enough to keep them up, but I do want to get better organized this year. Try not to let life just happen to me, but get some control.
I will definitely be continuing with "The Story of Me" this year. It's been very therapeutic for me and the family really seems to enjoy it. My inspiration was my grandchild who will be making their appearance in just 4 short months. I know I would have loved to have read stories from my mom and my grandmother.
The attached picture is my mom at 3 yrs old. What I wouldn't give to know what it was like when she was growing up. This picture, by the way, was given to me by my wonderful cousin Linda who has recently reconnected with a distant cousin who went through her family's boxes of photos. It was hands down the best Christmas present I've ever received.
I've been trying to convince my mother-in-law (who writes fabulously, by the way) to write more of her story. She'll send me a little story once in a while via email and I have them saved in a folder so someday I can make them into a booklet with pictures for her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
I encourage all of you ~ challenge all of you out there. Write down your own stories. It doesn't matter where you start ~ just start writing. On the computer or in journals. You may not think there is anything interesting enough to write but I promise, it will be. Generations to come will be thrilled to know how you lived and what you thought. What things were like back in the "old days." And don't forget to add pictures. A picture is absolutely worth a thousand words.

In any case have a wonderful New Year's Eve. Stay safe and I'll see ya in 2010!

So this is new..

DSC07740 Notice anything new? How about the stud in my son's ear? We were at the mall just before Christmas passing by one of those kiosks that pierce ears and Nate asked if he could get his ear pierced. I think it shocked him cause his dad and I both said "sure, let's go." I figure of all the things he could do, getting his ear pierced is the least of it ~ I'll save my battle for another day. Besides, he's so cute, he can definitely pull it off.
He looks less than enthusiastic here DSC07735
Watching them get the gun ready DSC07739 notice his sister right behind him making sure he's okay.
And the moment of truth... DSC07738
He did really well. Didn't hurt that the girl who did it was cute and more than happy to pose for a pic with him DSC07741
Guess who got new earrings for Christmas???

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Handmade for Christmas

I had been hoping to get more handmade stuff done for Christmas this year but alas, it did not happen. I did get this made for my wonderful MIL DSC07776 Turquoise is definitely her color and I threw in a bit of green to mix it up. I think she liked it.
While I didn't make this night shirt for Jen, I did do the embroidery for it. DSC07755 It is a play on the whole "eating for two" thing. She's a sleeper so now she has an excuse to sleep!
And I made a few things for the wonderful office workers at the school DSC07758 DSC07757 I don't know what I would do without them and wanted to thank them. DSC07761The bag is for Julianne's teacher. I also made a little zipped tote for one of Nate's teacher but somehow missed getting a pic of that.
I have some other handmade gifts I still need to mail out (yes I know they are a bit late!) so I can't show them yet.
I had hopes of making Julianne a dress from "her" peace sign fabric but that hasn't happened yet and I also wanted to make a couple of overnight bags for the kids but you know the saying about best laid plans....
I did have a couple of custom orders I needed to do before Christmas. I got an order to embroider a couple of sheets DSC07751 DSC07749 I was a little nervous about these cause I hadn't done sheets before but they came out really good. I also had an order for another xtra large embroidered screen bag but I can't seem to find the photos for it. It was for a 13 y/o and it was a large screen bag with a matching zippered bag (for her toiletries) and a travel pillow for sleepovers.

Things are also picking up a bit on the Etsy shop. I had a couple of sales this month for the little girl screen bags and matching wallets. I have a bunch of stuff I still need to put in the shop ~ maybe tomorrow I will get a chance to do that. There will be some big girl screen bags along with the busy books, some new coasters and wallets.
I'm looking forward to business picking up in the new year ~ for all of us!

Brrr ~ Cold!

It's actually been very chilly here the last couple of days with temperatures dropping into the 30's a night or two. It's been pretty nice during the day ~ lovely blue skies. Richard is off for the week so we probably should get outside and do something fun. Mostly we've been hanging around the house, catching up on laundry; getting ourselves reorganized and relaxing from the craziness that was Christmas. I even cleaned up/out my whole desk area. Found stuff I had forgotten I had. That's my pre New Year's resolution ~ to get more organized. I really need to tackle my sewing room but I think the family will have to send in search and rescue cause a person could get lost in the mess there.
I got Richard the fire pit he's been eying which has been kinda nice since we like to eat out by the pool in the evening. I definitely see roasted marshmallows in the future, especially since Julianne got him some for Christmas.

Even poor Sadie with all her fur has been chilly She did not mind being wrapped in in all these quilts.
We haven't had to turn on the heater yet but we have all been sleeping under a double layer of quilts.
Speaking of quilts, I got "most" of the top done of the Snoopy quilt DSC07768 It still needs borders and to be quilted of course, but this will go on the spare bed in the nursery at Jen & Jeremys. She's been asking for this for a while and so I've been collecting snoopy prints for a couple of years now. I think it turned out really cute.
I think there are close to 30 different prints on this. My initial idea was to border each square in the white fabric with the black paw prints but I didn't buy enough initially so I went with a rail fence type border. DSC07764
Of course I've still got lots to do... found a few tutorials on making crib sheets so that's probably next on the agenda. I've also got some really cute fabrics to do the crib quilt in mostly beige/browns ~ puppies of course... Then there are the really colorful puppy fabrics Jen found for a playpen quilt. She's been busy painting. She painted one wall a chocolate brown and is going to stencil beige puppy prints on it. I can't wait to see it. Will keep you posted on the nursery progress. Can you tell I'm excited???

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Did ya miss me?

So I took a little unplanned time off from here...It's as always ~ when I have lots of stuff to write about I'm too busy to write it and it has been a very busy time here. All good I assure you.

First and foremost I want to wish you all the happiest of holidays and hope yours was as wonderful as mine was. Jen & Jeremy came up on the 23rd and the Ginkster came up on the 24th. We stayed up late on the 23rd so the kids slept in and we opened presents around 10:00 am on the 24th. DSC07789 DSC07792 DSC07793Presents were so nice all around and I was mostly grateful to be with those so precious to me and as an extra special gift I got to feel my grandchild kick for the first time... just think he or she will be with us celebrating their first Christmas next year. I hate to wish my life away but I'm really looking forward to that.

We had two trees this year. Our traditional tree which Julianne was kind enough to decorate mostly on her ownDSC07780
And this year we had the addition of the "white" tree.DSC07800 It is outside by the pool. Since we've moved back to Florida I've wanted a tropical tree so last year after Christmas I bought myself a white tree for next to nothing. The idea was to put "tropical" ornaments on it. My BFF Maryann made it her mission to supply me with the coolest ornaments for my tree. DSC07803 DSC07804 DSC07806 Aren't they awesome? And so special because they came from her. I only wish she could be down here to see it for herself.

I have so much more to fill you in on but this post would be a gazillion pages long so for now, just know we are all well here and I promise to be better about keeping up with all of you. Those of you who also have blogs, I have been reading, I promise, and will be better about commenting in the future. You are all so very important to me and I've missed you!