Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Letter From Charlie

Hi Mom and Dad,

I wanted to let you know how my stay with Grammy and Grampy went. It's been a little crazy lately. I know we were all a little excited moving from Florida to Maryland. I'm still not exactly sure what is happening. The first few days with G&G in Virginia was great. You and Daddy were there with me and Grammy took us to do a lot of fun things. We went on the carousel which I love...

And then we went on the train through the mall ~ I really liked that.

But then you and daddy left for Maryland so you could get our apartment set up for me and I stayed in Virginia for a couple of days. That's when everything changed. A few days with my favorite Grandmother ~ I knew I was going to be spoiled beyond belief ~ Man was I wrong!
Grammy says I'm old enough now to start earning my keep. First on the agenda was sweeping the floor. They have a lot of wood floors!

And dusting ~ man that fireplace is messy!

After that there were dishes to unload. Auntie Julz showed me how she does it.

We also went to do some grocery shopping. I thought I'd get some rest at last. Riding around in the shopping cart is always fun ~ but I was wrong again. I tried to explain that I couldn't see over the top of the cart to know where I was going but Grammy insisted that since I could walk, I could push the cart.

The final insult came though the next day. Grammy was going to the nail salon to get her nails done. Auntie Julz and I went with her. I thought maybe I'd get my nails done or maybe even a pedicure. I was so excited when they walked me towards the pedicure chairs but instead of putting me in the chair where you GET pedicures, they directed me to the chair that the techs use to GIVE the pedicures. What the heck ~ isn't there some kind of age restriction on becoming a nail tech???

Seriously mom ~ did you know Grammy was this much of a task master? And how many more days till I can come to Maryland and rest with you and dad?

Love, Charlie

Disclaimer: No Smooshy's were harmed in the making of this blog!