Saturday, November 24, 2007

Why was Augustine a Saint?

Just kidding really! This morning we got up and dragged the kids out of bed and drove 2 hours to St. Augustine to meet up with our friends Sue & Darrin along with their kids, Preston and Delaney. Since we got in so late last night (close to midnight) the kids had a hard time getting up and we ended up running late and leaving without eating breakfast. The kids were starving and the wonderful mother that I am, gave them tootsie roll pops to eat! If you really stretch it, it's got pretend chocolate which is almost dairy and it's fruit flavored ~ how bad could it be?
Once we met up with Sue and the kids (Darrin was on liver transplant call and met up with us later) we grabbed some real food at Denny's and then grabbed the trolley at the Old City Jail and had a really nice tour of the city. Once we got off the trolley we went to the Potter's Wax Museum. I DON'T recommend it! It's a 5 minute 3 room walk of some bad wax statues at an outrageous price. Next we walked though the main shopping street which is getting a bit too commercial for my taste. We did go into the oldest school house and we all enjoyed that.

Next stop was the Fort where they are no longer allowed to shoot cannon balls into the water but they still shoot something that makes a loud noise, and after all isn't that the most exciting part? Here's the kids with some of the showman

And then we had to embarrass the guys and make them get their picture taken as well.

After we left there we had dinner at a Mexican restaurant with a great view, good food and slow service.

All in all we had a very good day spent with good friends. I know Charlotte would like to visit the city and we are up for another trip because there was so much we missed but we really didn't want to rush around and try to take everything in. I figure a 2 hr drive is close enough to pop over for the day. So, how was your day?

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Becky said...

Now I know why you haven't've had some full fun filled days. Beautiful pictures!