Friday, November 16, 2007

Life after 51!

Well time marches on and so must I. My birthday is over and I'll have to get used to that! It took me a day to recover from all the festivities but back at school I was yesterday, finishing up the bulletin board for Nathaniel's (or Nate as he's called in school now) class.
Today was the Turkey Trot. The kids walk/run laps to raise money for their PE program. Anyone want to donate? Nathaniel did 16 laps and Julianne did 15 laps. I gave them a dollar for each lap they did. Here's Nathaniel at the end of his laps DSC01953
and here's Julianne at the start of hers DSC01955
More school news is that Julianne got the good citizenship award for her grade this week ~ and here's this months good citizens. She's right off the middle DSC01957
And for all of you who watch General Hospital (the ONLY soap) ~ How blown away were you that they killed off Emily? I sure didn't see that one coming. At least they kept Jason alive. The day he is gone is the day I stop watching!
Well that was my day, how was yours?


Katie said...

thanks for visiting my blog! i will add you to the drawing!

Jozet at Halushki said...

Happy Birthday!

My day's been going good so far. the kids are off school today, and I've only had to bellow at them once. They seem to get the picture that this can be 5 days of wonder and beauty or five days of mommy-hell.