Sunday, November 11, 2007

Last night's rocket launch

"The massive 24-story Delta 4-Heavy rocket is ready to fly on its second flight, three years after its first ended with the dummy satellite nearly 10,000 miles short of its target orbit. This time, the mammoth vehicle will have a real payload onboard: the 23rd and last Defense Support Program (DSP) missile-warning satellite. Launch is targetted for Nov. 10 at 8:39pm EST with a launch window stretching to 10:41pm EST."

And I got to see it! I don't know that I'll ever get used to seeing these launches. There is no word more suited to these than "awesome". The kids and I went outside last night just before 8:39 and after about 5 minutes the kids got bored and went inside. It happened to be a beautiful night last night so I waited just a bit more and ended up getting a call from my sister Joey on the cell so I stayed outside to chat with her. Next thing I knew there was a beautiful light flying through the sky just over our house. I was able to follow it for quite a while before it finally disappeared in the night. One of our other neighbors was outside as well ~ I'm really surprised not more people here follow the launches but I'm sure glad I was able to. I did manage to get the kids outside in time to see part of it and they thought it was very cool as well. I hope that someday while you are visiting me, you'll get to see one of these fantastic shows.
So, how was your day?

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