Friday, November 16, 2007

Birthdays other than mine!

I have two birthdays to acknowledge...
My friend Shelley's birthday was yesterday. She is an amazing person (even if she is WAAAY young) raising two adorable little guys. She is very active in her church and is always helping others less fortunate and she has a sharp and funny wit that'll surprise you. Here we are at my last birthday (she got me a "You say I'm a bitch like it's a bad thing" booklet)DSC00172.JPG She lives over in Valrico and I do miss getting to see her at school everyday.

The other birthday is today and it's my Alex!!! Happy Birthday honey! For those of you who don't know Alex (how is that possible??) she joined our family when we lived in Raleigh, NC. We worked in the same office at the "Y" and I was always amused watching the strange group of people she associated with and don't even get me started on the phone conversations I overheard. Then there was the knife weilding weirdo (who worked at the "Y") who kept trying to convince her that she should be a lesbian! Then there was the guys she dated... but I digress.
She and I became closer when I was in the hospital (after having the hysterectomy ~ is that too much information?) and I needed someone to bring Jen to the hospital after she got off school. All my other "so called" friends were too busy and Alex not only dropped everything to get Jen and bring her to the hospital ~ she brought "Bob the wonder chicken" and made me laugh so hard it hurt ~ well that and her bouncing on the bed! In any case, from that day on I knew she was someone special and a few months later she ended up moving in with us. She and Jen are like sisters and would raid each others closets ~ of course there was the time Jen stole Alex's jacket and wore it to school not knowing that Alex's car keys were in the pocket! It's actually funny that Alex looks more like me than she does her actual mother! She even has the same gold rings around her blue eyes that Jen and I have. In any case, she is the daughter ya'll never knew about and now she is a mother of the amazing Tyler with Baby "B" due in 12 weeks. Happy Bithday honey ~ I love you!!!!

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