Sunday, November 18, 2007

A holiday "must see"

It's been a pretty good weekend ~ even though Richard ended up working ALL of it and when I say all of it, I mean from early morning till the wee hours of the next morning. On Saturday he took Nathaniel to work with him so I took the opportunity to get Julianne into her room to get it cleaned up. Believe me, that's no easy task. She's more of a mess than I am and that's saying a lot. In any case, we got quite a bit done and even threw out a whole garbage bag full of stuff. That's always means a successful clean up to me. It still has a way to go but you can actually walk in her room now. We did go and get her some new bigger shelves that Richard will put together some day when he doesn't have to work all day. Richard and Nathaniel came home for dinner which was nice and then Richard went back in until about 2:00 am. The next day he took Julianne into work and Nathaniel and I (mostly Nathaniel) worked on his room. I stayed in his room to keep him on task but he did most of the work himself. I worked on another miniature reproduction quilt DSC01960
Again, it's machine pieced but hand tied and quilted. I'm really having fun doing these!

Once Nathaniel got enough done in his room (still got miles to go!) we went and sprung Julianne from Daddy's office and went to the movies to see "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Eporium. I highly recommend this one. It's not earth shattering and while it's not really about Christmas, it will absolutely put you in the holiday mood. Just sitting and watching the sites and taking it all in was kind of a breath of fresh air. Great cast with Dustin Hoffman as the kooky Mr Magorium ~ made me fall in like with him all over again. Jason Bateman was adorable as the strait laced accountant (Mutant) brought in to set accounts straight. It's a must see!
The theatre we saw the movie at was very cool. It's tucked away off of the main streets of Melbourne in a quaint little shopping plaza full of old trees and it would remind you of the really nice old time theatres. DSC01959 Very beautiful inside and out. Heavy red velvet curtains but with the modern convenience of theatre seats! The theatre was all decked out for Christmas which helped with the holiday spirit!DSC01958
Almost forgot... Happy birthday to Tony Maizan, Paul's wonderful dad.
Well that was my weekend... how was yours?

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