Saturday, November 10, 2007

Red Hair Update

Well I finally grew a pair and called the hair salon. Spoke with "Mr. T." ~ go on, say it... "I pity the Fool". Anyway Mr. T. is going to give me a full credit AND redo my hair for me next week! YEAH ME!!! Now I'm off with the family to run errands. How's your day so far?


Anonymous said...

Hey Barb,
Sorry I don't read your blog as often and I should. I admire you for keeping it up like you do. Sorry about the hair appointments. Actually your hair is about the color of Becky's now. Her's may be a tad darker. I usually get my hair done at the local beauty school, and I must say that the service and attitude is better than what you've been getting for full price. All schools may not be as good, but I'm glad for this one. I remember being in Cosmetology in High School and understand the need for real heads to work on. So I take my chances. Many times I cut my own, but have to go get someone to correct what I can't reach well. It was easier when it was longer. I'm glad Mr. T will take care of you.

I am amazed at all you do. I don't think I ever had that much energy, but I do remember times when I took on too much when my boys were growing up. Those day are better remembered than experienced. HA!

Thanksgiving Day will be the best for me this year. I'll tell you more about it after it happens. It looks like major changes will happen in my life. Yeah!
God bless you all,
Karen (NC)

Jennifer said...

Your hair looks fine. I can't tell much of a difference from that picture!