Friday, November 30, 2007

I don't do frogs

Yes, they are cute in the abstract and I as much as anyone else likes all the little froggy statues and the peace frogs and I even have froggy embroidery and froggy fabric but the real things, not so much! This morning while getting ready to go out I opened the back hatch of my car to put something in and this FROG jumps off the roof of my car and lands right in front of me in the back of my car. I let out a scream so loud I'm surprised all my neighbors didn't come running outside to see who was being killed (note to self, do not rely on neighbors if attacked!). Well this damn frog proceeds to hop all over my car. Now, obviously I can't catch him and I'm not really inclined to try. I opened all the doors to my car hoping he'd hop out and he was at the edge of the back seat at one point. Perfect place to scoop him out onto the driveway (and run his slimy ass over)but I can't reach my hand in cause sure as shit he'll jump on me and I'll keel over dead so I open the garage door to get a broom or something really long to corral him out of my car ~ slight problem... when I get back to the car, the frog has now disappeared and I have no clue if he's jumped out of my car and run off or if he's still hiding in there waiting and plotting my demise. Now I HAVE to do some driving this morning so... if you all get the word I've been in a car accident or worse ~ you'll know who to blame!!!!


M.Angie said...

LOL!! I must laugh!! The frog I could deal with but a spider or any other thing with more than 4 legs would have scared the hell out of me. I hope the frog is not found weeks from now shiveled up like an old french fry under neath the seat.
Good luck,
Love you much, kiss the kids,

Charlotte said...

Say snakes instead of frogs, and I am with you, kid. I do understand that kind of anxiety, not from frogs, who popped up from behind the toilet tank any time I took a shower. They never jumped, they just sat and looked. You can't fault them for that. They are slimy, something I always imagined snakes to be. I know they are not, but my fear tells me that they are and that they are after ME!!!! I do like frog legs with garlic and parsley, a good bottle of white wine, etc. etc. would be wuite nice. I actually fixed frog legs for Rich's father, the reason I did not eat them at the time is because of the way they moved when I cooked them. I know, I AM a coward, so what!! Love you, yM