Saturday, November 10, 2007

A very unnatural shade of RED

DSC01935Can I tell you how much I miss my hairdresser back in Valrico. For a while after we moved I made the 2 1/2hr drive over there to get my hair done but the last couple of times I decided that it was nuts to drive that far and to look for someone here locally. The first place I tried, they turned my hair mousey brown and for a style she basically ran her hands thru it while blasting the blow dryer at my head ~ not so good. This second time was even worse! I am now a very unnatural shade of red. The color is actually called Cherry Cola. I think it's more like "YIKES". This woman was so not gentle with my head and very sloppy. At one point I had a blob of hair color on my arm just below my elbow and she had the nerve to ask "What did you do here?" WHAT DID I DO? You try getting your elbow on your head and tell me if it's even possible for me to do that? Then while rinsing the dye (mostly) out of my hair she kept scrubbing on a place on my face that she assumed she splashed more dye only it wasn't and now my face has a rash/burn on it from her scrubbing it so hard. The first thing Richard said when he saw me was "what did you do to your face?" Of course that was after he sheilded his eyes from the bright redness of my hair ~ thankyouverymuch!!! Anyway she was an equally bad stylist who did use a brush this time but her wonderful styling technique made me look like a batch of tribbles on my head! Yes, I know I should have said something but a)I tend to be non confrontational when it comes to sticking up for myself and b) I really just wanted to get the hell out of there and never go back. I did hear her ask another stylist if she should charge me for long hair (HUH?) and the girl said no. It wasn't until later when I looked at the bill, she actually did charge me ~ right there on the bill it stated "Long Hair ~ $10". I did go home and style my hair myself which helped. It's still so very red so today I will shampoo it with Pert which I'm not sure if you know or not, will actually take some of the color out of your hair and then I will call the manager of the salon and let her know what happened and that I want at least a partial refund of my money. And stupid me, I even tipped the woman! Can you see the foot prints on my back?
Well the day wasn't a total loss cause after running some errands the kids and I headed to the beach for some shaved ice. Oasis shaved ice is our new favorite place. For those of you who have never had shaved ice, it looks similar to a snow cone and yes, it's flavor poured on top of ice but that's where the similarities end. The ice is truly shaven so there are no crunchy bits. It's as smooth as sherbert. There was a place in Boone that we used to go to whenever we vacationed there. It looked like a little elf cottage but we usually went up there in winter and the place was always closed so we are happy to have found this place. While we were there Richard called and he was actually leaving the office at 5:00. This in itself would make for a wonderful day since he's been working till at least 8:00 every night but he heard of a great place to eat and would we like to try it!
He met us at the shaved ice place so we could leave a car and ride together. The place is called Ozzie's Crab house and its in Grant, Fl which is about 1/2 hr south of us on US1. I got the Stone Crabs which are now in season and they were the best I've ever had not to mention the biggest. DSC01930 Richard got the garlic blue crabs. DSC01933Nathaniel got fried clam strips and Julianne, of course, got chicken fingers. Everyone's food was wonderful. Now mind you, this is a little shack of place with tables that are wobbly and covered with newspaper. They supply you with buckets and hammers ~ better to crack the crabs with! They had a guy with a guitar singing C&W who wasn't half bad. In any case we had a great time. Here's Nathaniel enjoying the amazing key lime pie for dessert DSC01936
By the time we got home Julianne was already asleep and after ushering her into the house here is where she ended up.DSC01937 She says she likes feeling like she is still in a crib ~ go figure.
So that was my day, How was your day?

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