Friday, November 16, 2007

Bonnie Raitt , Jon Cleary and my birthday continued

I know, I've fallen behind again! I partially blame my husband (why not, really) cause I was waiting for him to upload some photos for me! Anyway... that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
When we last visited my life, it was my 51st birthday! Cards and well wishes are still coming in ~ thanks!
Tuesday my MIL, Charlotte came up and we went to see Bonnie Raitt. It was a FANTASTIC show and we were in the 6th row center to see it all! The opening act was a group called Jon Cleary and the absolute monster gentlemen (or as they call themselves The monster gents). They are a New Orleans funk type band and they were absolutely amazing.

The band members were all born and raised in New Orleans with the exception of Jon himself who was born in England but has lived in New Orleans for the last 20 years. Jon also played the keyboards and sang with Bonnie throughout her show. Charlotte and I each got one of his many CD's and had him sign them.
Bonnie Raitt herself was probably one of the most amazing performers I've ever seen. I've always liked her but after seeing her, I am a die-hard fan! Not only does the woman look incredible for any age, let alone 58, she can wail and she can jam too.

After the concert was over and we were waiting for our chauffeur to pick us up ~ I noticed the crowd around Jon Cleary was beginning to thin so I asked him if he would pose with Charlotte for a picture, which he graciously did. Now mind you, this is from my cell phone and yes, I had part of my finger in the way ~ but here it is just the same ~ me embarrasing the hell out of my MIL!noname_4-1.jpg-1.jpg
Seriously, it was a wonderful night and Charlotte had purchased these tickets for us as a birthday present to me but I have to say as much as I loved the concert, the real present for me was watching Charlotte at this concert. I have never seen her this happy in my life, she smiled, she clapped, she danced ~ she really enjoyed herself and I am thrilled that I got to see it and be a part of it. I think sometimes I take for granted all the things that I get to do, have always gotten to do ~ concerts, shows, etc that she never got the chance to. I have a feeling she and I will be doing this quite a bit more from now on.
We did go to dinner before the concert with Richard and the kids ~ at Uno's. They really have a good menu ~ and are very family friendly albeit very loud! Anyway ~ here's us DSC01946 and yes, Mr. T (Ipitythefool) attempted to "fix" my hair just before this and he did manage to get a bit of the brightness out ~ but this was his idea of a great hair style (geesh!) and I didn't have a chance to fix it before leaving for dinner and the concert.
and them DSC01947 at dinner. And of course here's Charlotte with our wonderful chauffeur (a good idea since I drank both of those big red drinks you are looking at!)
I promise to post more later ... So, how was your day?

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