Saturday, November 10, 2007

Happy Veteran's day!

I feel sad for Veteran's day. By the time it rolls around the stores are bombarding you with Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday stuff and Veteran's day is just brushed aside ~ that is, unless you go to Quest Elementary. Veteran's day is a big deal here. Every year the 5th graders are asked to do a poster on an American Veteran. Nathaniel chose to do his on the coolest Vet around ~ our very own Paul. I have to say "We've" had a lot of fun with this. Julianne and I shopped for all the papers and stickers and such ~ Richard worked his magic with photoshopping one or two of the pictures and printing them out for me and Nathaniel and I put the poster together. I must say that ours was one of the best ones I've seen.
I've spent quite a few of the last few days at school helping to set up the display of posters. They line the entire driveway of the school and then some. It is truly wonderful to see our Military appreciated so much.

If you haven't met Paul, you are truly missing out on someone special. We met Paul more than 10 years ago when he was dating Alex. Alex ended up moving in with us and Paul became a regular houseguest as well. I have to say, from the first day we met we became family. He and Alex went their separate ways (although are still friends) and they have both married equally wonderful people and I got to keep both of them in my life. Paul has gone on several very fun vacations with us. Nathaniel and Julianne were both in his wedding. He is also Julianne's godfather. Paul and Shannon also made the trip to North Carolina to see Jen graduate from college even though he had only been back in the country for days after a very long deployment overseas. He also drove to Chicago when Julianne was born and drove Jen back to NC for us. If you ever want to laugh you have to see the video he shot at the hospital when Nathaniel was born. It's hysterical. He is an wonderful addition to our family. He never fails to send mother's day cards and always calls on birthdays. He is generous to a fault. Very sweet and soft spoken but I can only imagine that Military Paul is quite different ~ you'd have to be in his situation. Paul served in the Army (special forces) for 10 years and has been through things you and I can't even imagine and for him and all the others that serve our country, I am so very grateful.
So, on this Veteran's day, if you know a vet ~ call them and say thanks! I know I will.
Oh and Shannon (who is also a Vet) Julianne has already decided that in 2 yrs when she is in 5th grade she's doing her poster on YOU!
So, how was your day?

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