Wednesday, October 31, 2007

quick update

Thank you all so much for your calls and emails asking about Charlotte. She is doing well. She is going to be staying with us until Friday when she will drive her new CR-V home to Ft. Lauderdale. We went over to Space Coast Honda today to see my friend Justin Bishop who gave her a great deal on an 05' CR-V. It is actually the same car as mine but in blue. Charlotte has been overwhelmed by this whole incident so I've been trying to pick up the slack for her. Took care of all the calls to the insurance company regarding the accident and then again today to add the new car. Also making arrangements for the disposal of her Saturn ~ tomorrow we will retrieve the license plate to put on her new car. She was so exhausted by everything and then being at the dealership for hours today getting the new vehicle that we actually left it at the dealership cause she was in no way able to drive back to my house (although she did test drive it). She and Richard just went to pick it up tonight and I am expecting them home anytime now.
Also tonight was Halloween. After a VERY rocky start to the evening it was a successful night. Nathaniel was a skeleton who had "blood" pulsing thru the bones in his chest and Julianne was some sort of vampire/sorcerer or something. She initially had a black and purple wig and I was going to do her make up but up until 5 minutes AFTER Nathaniel, Richard and the rest of the neighborhood left to go trick or treating she was NOT going. I finally gave in after she apologized for her behavior and took care of her chores. But needless to say, she threw on the dress and was out the door. It was very strange, but I guess in a good way, the whole group of neighborhood kids went out together. So basically we had like 40 kids at once and then almost nothing the rest of the night. Go figure.
Well it is late and I am exhausted ~ so, how was your day?

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