Sunday, October 14, 2007

Quiet is Good

Life here in the Albury household has been fairly quiet lately ~ but for now I think quiet is good. Doesn't leave me much to write about but I'll try to (not bore you) fill you in on the last couple of days...

One of the cool things going on in our neighborhood is the "Spirit of the Phantom". The other night our doorbell rang (picture Sadie barking like a rabid dog and the kids running and screaming like lunatics ~ geez has no one here ever heard a doorbell?). When we got to the door no one was there but there was a little pumpkin basket sitting at the door filled with all kinds of Halloween goodies and a note that read "The phantom taunts you happily from now till halloween and was delivered by a friend who (hopefully) was not seen. The Spirit of the neighborhood has come to wish you well. Someone somewhere selected you to receive this happy spell. You must display this phantom on your door so all can spy that you have already been haunted by this happy little guy. Then fix a sack with goodies like the one given to you. Ring someone's bell and leave a bag and make them happy too."
How cool is that! We did find out who dropped off our bag (remember the little fellow who's parents I met under less than desirable circumstances?) and the following night we left a bag of goodies for someone else. I must say the kids and I had a blast putting it together and we let Nathaniel do the ding and dash as he is the fastest of us all. I really think we got lucky (again) in finding this neighborhood in our move.

DSC01647I did a bit more sewing this weekend as Julianne insisted that I make a present for her friend Amanda who's birthday party was today ~ rather than buying something, so with her "guidance" Amanda received a Sassy bag and Wonder wallet made out of the new line of Paris Cat fabrics I recently got. I also put a little Target gift card in the wallet and the whole thing was well received. One of her other friends who was at the party insisted she "needed" one of those bags as well (at least a dozen times). Flattered, I guess but just a bit too "I have to have everything everyone else has" for me so I hope she's not holding her breath!

Richard's mom Charlotte came up on Saturday evening and stayed until this evening and we had a nice visit. I ended up making a couple of wonder wallets for her as well. I just love those things. They are small but hold a ton of stuff ~ I was able to get rid of a big ol bulky wallet as was Charlotte.

I was a bad girl on Friday and skipped out on physical therapy ~ mostly because my eye was burning really badly (pretty much the only thing on my face that hurts now) and it affects my eye site and I wasn't comfortable about driving. The other reason was I was still feeling the effects of the "message" the therapist gave my arm on Wed. I know it's supposed to help but it feels like he punched me in the arm ~ over and over and over and well, you get the idea. I'm sure I'll pay for skipping out tomorrow when I go back.

School pictures came in for the kids. They turned out pretty well. I'll try to get them in the mail to some of you this week. This week looks to be pretty busy. I'm almost finished putting the binding on one quilt that needs to be mailed this week and then I've got pillow cases and such to do for Jen and Jeremy before we go see them this weekend... along with physical therapy 3x in 4 days and Sadie is going for a haircut on Tues and we finally get to hear Nathaniel play the viola in a (hopefully) short concert on Tues night.

I do have one Happy Birthday to send out to my nephew Chad. Now, normally I would post a picture of him here but SINCE MY SISTER TERRY HASN'T SEEN FIT TO SEND ME A PICTURE OF THE BOY IN PROBABLY 10 YEARS I don't have one to post. Think she'll get the message? Anyway... happy birthday Chad.

Well that's all from my little corner of the world..... so, how was your day?

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