Friday, October 26, 2007

Home from Alabama

Gosh ~ has it really been several days since I posted about Alabama. Time just gets away from me these days. Sorry guys.. I'm really trying to keep up with my life. Ever feel that way? Anyhow....
Sunday morning I was up and ready to go earlier than I had planned but once I was up, as much as I was gonna miss J, J & the pups I was eager to get on the road and get home. I did give the puppies the collar covers I had made for them (I made Sadie one too). I did this with the Christmas pictures that didn't get taken in mind. Oscar was cool with his but little Nacho didn't know what to make of it. He kept rolling over and over until he hit the wall then the two dogs grabbed each others collars and dragged each other around for a while. They are too much fun to watch and such well behaved little boys.
The drive home was long ~ 11 hours long and it rained the last 5! We got into stop and go traffic three times and the kids had to stop for potty breaks every half hour it seemed. I have to tell you I was never so glad to be off the road in my life. But we are home, safe and sound and I am really missing my big little girl and her hubby and the puppies. I have to thank Jeremy for the most wonderful gift. He gave me an eye mask that you put in the freezer. It doesn't have ice in it so it doesn't get too cold but it has these little plastic pellets and get just cold enough. I have used it every night (and some days) since he gave it to me and it makes my eye feel great ~ so thanks darlin'. Jen says it has been getting much colder the last week which I'm extremely jealous of but I won't be quite so jealous when it gets really really cold. That was our trip ~ so how was your day?

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