Monday, October 8, 2007

Short and Sweet

Not too much to report today ~ They are really getting into the S&M part of physical therapy. It's just now 8:00 pm and I have taken 2 Excedrin PM and headed for bed to hopefully sleep through the night and forget about the pain that is my face ~ Yes, I'm whining but I'm allowed every once in a while.
Got another call from Nathaniel's teacher today ~ looking at Pokemon cards instead of taking notes during science ARGHHHH! Then "threatening" the guy that squealed on him. Gotta love those calls.
Jen & Jeremy are back from their weekend at Appalachian State. Sounds like they had a great time. Hopefully they will post on their blog and include some pics.
And.. Happy birthday to my friend Mary Catherine over in Tampa!
Note the Blue Hawaii shirt she embroidered just for my party! What a talented friend. I do miss sewing with my friends but hopefully they will be over to visit sometime soon.
Until then... I really want to know.... How was your day?

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