Friday, October 26, 2007

Becki comes to Melbourne

Again ~ still trying to catch up with my life so I am now on Tuesday of this week. The space shuttle did go up after several hours of "it's not going" "it is going" etc. I didn't go down to the beach this time but watched it from right outside the house. I was able to snap a couple of pics but mostly you just see the smoke trail and the bright green light (not sure why it's green though). So here's the view from the street in front of my house.
After the shuttle launch I went to meet my friend Becki who lives just outside of Orlando. She and I "met" on an on-line quilting group. That particular group grew to over 100 and we broke off and formed a smaller closer knit group of about 25. We all kept in touch for a few years and even had 2 retreats compliments of Becki and her home when she lived in Maryland. She and I have stayed in touch pretty regularly for which I am very grateful ~ she's an amazing person. Anyway she came over to visit a scrapbooking store that happens to be just down the street with me so we met there and then had some lunch at Crispers.
Now that we live so close we are gonna try to get together more often to sew or scrapbook or just hang out. We are both avid roller coaster junkies so that's something we'll probably do too. When she lived in Maryland and I lived in North Carolina we met at an amusement park in Virginia and roller coastered all day!
Barb and Becky
Richard left for Houston on Monday afternoon so the kids and I were on our own until late Thursday night. After having him in Virginia for 6 months you'd think 4 days would be a breeze but I really did miss him ~ guess I've gotten used to having him around again and "honey" is very happy to be home with us!
Nathaniel has had a bit more trouble at school. He "threatened" to punch someone without really meaning it but in this day and age that constitues a "threat of violence". I'm not excusing what he did but the kid was laughing at him for having to go to the back of the line and Nathaniel said (very quietly) "someday somebody is gonna punch you in the face for that." Again, yes he and the kid that taunted him have a bad history and again, it was an inappropriate thing to say but the child told the teacher that he felt threatened so the teacher HAD to report it to the office even though she knew Nathaniel was just talking so he ended up spending the entire day in the office including lunch and recess. We had a very good talk when he got home and I think it's finally sinking in that he needs to filter what he thinks BEFORE it comes out of his mouth. He really is a good boy and at home has been amazing ~ go figure. Well that was most of my week ~ how was your day?

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