Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sweet Home Alabama ~ Day two

Saturday was an equally wonderful day. Jen, Jeremy and the kids slept in. I spent the "quiet time" sitting out on their patio taking in the view and finishing up the hand binding on a quilt.
Nathaniel was the first one up and came out to sit with me. Here he is still in his pj's and talking to his Ginky on the phone. DSC01776
Jen made us all sausage biscuits and eggs and then we were off to Mt Cheaha which is the highest point in Alabama DSC01778
From here we took a trail down to Bald Rock. Jeremy and I took the easy boardwalk trail while Jen, the dogs, and the kids took the natural trail down.
Here is the destination and the spectacular view
From here we wend to Oxford Lake Park. The kids played for a bit and then we sat down by the lake and enjoyed the pumpkin bread I made and brought to Alabama with me.
We went out to dinner at the "19th Hole" ~ a golf course and country club as I'm sure you could tell by the name. The food was good and I found a couple of new drinks. I don't remember the name of the first one but it was vodka with cinnamon schnapps and was good but then the waitress brought me a shot glass of a "Roll Tide" which was cranberry juice and I don't remember what else but it was really really good and smooth.
We ended the night at the local bowling alley and despite Julianne's meltdown (surprised?) we had a really good time. Nathaniel whipped everyone's butt despite the way he looked in this photo... DSC01817
but the bang of the evening happened between the back of Nathaniel's head and Jennifer's cheek bone as she tackled him on the alley. I actually managed to snap a photo just before they made contact.
Here's Jeremy and the pup's hanging out later that night...
Julianne, Jeremy & I crashed while Jen & Nathaniel played video games and that was day 2. So how was your day?


Jeremy Cox said...

the first drink was called a "red snapper." that was the cranberry-tasting one.

Carolyn said...

Hey Barb! Nice to see you...thanks for stopping over to visit! I can't believe how much the kids have grown, they were just little munchkins when I last saw a picture. Glad to see you're doing well.

Jennifer said...

We had a great time! Thanks for making the trip! See you soon!