Thursday, October 18, 2007

Best laid plans...

Well today we leave for Anniston, Alabama to see Jen, Jeremy and the puppers... unfortunately we leave Richard behind. The company that he works for is trying to meet a deadline (translation, is in crisis mode) and asked that all vacations be cancelled. They even went so far as to call back the people already on vacation. This may sound harsh and I know I'd be pissed, but it's a good company trying to make a profit which they do share with their employees. Of course the employees were reminded of this by way of mentioning year end bonus's as they were asked to cancel vacations. We were hoping to get our Christmas picture done since we would all be there together but now that Richard's not going to be there that plan started to crumble. We were gonna photo shop him in but the person that Jen had lined up to take the picture had to back out as did her second choice so.... We have decided this year they will do their picture and cards and for the first year ever we will have a Jenless Christmas photo. It really makes me sad but I realize this is a perfectly normal thing and that I've done my job (and quite well if I do say so). Jen has become independent, with a family of her own. I am so very proud of who she is and everything that she stands for. She makes very brave but very good choices (including choices in a spouse). So the kids and I will be gone for a few days but I will post with lots of pictures on Monday when I am back.
In the meantime.. Here are a few for you... Nathaniel has started "Strings" which is basically an all strings orchestra. He is playing the viola and they had their first "concert" the other night. It was just a short program to go over the information with the parents and show us what they have learned so far.
Then here he is at home with Daddy. Pretty soon we'll have our own band. I guess I get lead vocals (YIKES). 
Sadie went to the groomer this week ~ she really needed it and here she is all dressed up with no where to go. Doncha just love the little bows. Of course they lasted all of 10 minutes. 
And last but not least... here is Julianne. She was told to get her stuff out of the family room and back in her room. The child DOES NOT travel light. Reminds me of another female child I had!  By the way.. she is feeling much better and is back in school ~ YEAH!!!
And in a final note, in case you were wondering... My dance with Bell's Palsy is very quickly coming to it's conclusion. I have almost full movement in my face. There is almost no more pain. I can still tell but I doubt most others could. My eye still gets dry but I always carry artificial tears with me. My arm is still not great but we're still working on it.
Well that's all I've got for now... keep those comments coming cause I'd love to know... How was your day???

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Jeremy Cox said...

Yay, glad you're better! So you in a few. Jer Bear