Monday, October 15, 2007

And again

Once again Julianne is home with me because she has strep throat. The doctor is not sure if she "still" has it or has managed to get it once again. I'm thinking she's been reinfected as one of her classmates is home with Scarlett fever which is actually a severe form of strep. Should have known something was amiss when she fell asleep last night in a dining room chair. Richard did manage to snap a cute shot of her though.

Don't you wish you were still small enough to fit your whole body curled up into a dining room chair, or at least believe you were?
I have two "Happy Birthdays" today. One is Melissa (Mayla to me) who pretty much lived with us when we were in Raleigh 
And the other is my friend Meli in Tampa. She's one creative gal.
Happy birthday to both of you!
Well off to take care of the "sick" one! So, how was your day?

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Melissa Benton (formerly de la Gardelle) said...

I am sorry she is sick again. Sarah spent the first year of her life with ear infections every other month. I miss those kids and they are getting way too big.