Monday, October 1, 2007

The parent juggle

So this morning Julianne woke up complaining of a stomach ache and her face hurting and running a bit of a fever so....... Richard stayed home with her while I took Buggy to his first day of "Strings" practice. He has joined the school orchestra and will be learning to play the viola. The commitment on his part is that he has to be at school 1/2 hr early twice a week for practice and he is thrilled about this ~ it was all his idea. I'm just glad he's stopped bugging us for a drum set!

Came home from school after meeting with Julianne's teacher and Nathaniel's teacher cause guess what ~ I am homeroom parent to BOTH classes now! Anyway... came home and made a drs appt for Julz for 10:15 but now I've got to be at physical therapy by 8:30 so Richard skipped his early morning meeting and I got home just in time to get her to the drs (she has strep!) and he got to work in time to set up for yet another meeting. I'm feeling very lucky that Richard is back home with us (after 6 months in VA) because I'm not sure how I'd do all this on my own. I guess you do what you have to but I'm very lucky to have a husband who is a full time dad too. THANK YOU HONEY!

Physical therapy is going well. They've turned up the juice on my face and given me some facial exercises but the good news is that I'm already starting to see some improvement. The meds I'm on right now make me sick to my stomach but I've only got 2 more days of those and I'm off all meds ~ so all in all I'd have to say things are looking up.

Speaking of good things ~ I have a new grandpuppy!!! Jen and Jeremy have a new dachshund pup named Nacho! He is a real cutie. He is 10 weeks old and he and Oscar are already inseparable. I can't wait till we go up there this month so I can get my hands on all 3 lbs of him.

I have now had over 300 views on my blog ~ YIPPEE! In celebration of that and the welcoming of October I have decided on a "give-away". I made this set of coasters from the left overs of the quilt I showed you earlier. They are great fall colors and very absorbent. I will randomly pick a name from every one who leaves a comment on my blog from now until Friday so get your comments in and they could be yours! If I get a good response to this, who knows what I'll give away next!
So that was my day in a nutshell... How was yours???

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear Nathaniel doesn't want a drum set! I hope he has fun learning the Viola, a nice instrument although I don't think I have ever really heard one. I guess I will have to request a concerto when I come down there again!! Glad you are feeling better!! Hey, I need some coasters for my NEW HOUSE!! :) Love Love, Angie