Sunday, October 7, 2007

Let's pretend it's Saturday!

Since I was in Tampa most of yesterday I didn't get to post. Guess I should have done it ahead of time but you know me, a day late and a dollar short. In any case I have some Happy Birthdays to take care of. Yesterday was my stepmom Claire's birthday, my friend Kate's birthday and one of Nathaniel's favorite teachers from Alafia, Mrs. Spagnola ~ So a great big happy birthday to all of you!
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Next let me say that the set of coasters I was giving away is en route to Becky in North Carolina. Congratulations and thanks for the sweet comments.

As I mentioned previously I spent most of yesterday in and around Tampa delivering a couple of quilts to customers. Got to see a few friends and spent some time shopping the quilt shops. Got some really cute new fabrics to make some new screen bags. I'm hoping to get my web site up to date and open a bit of a shop selling bags and such there. Will let you know as it gets done. I'd love to hear what you think of it.
I have a very strange story to tell you all though... One of the customers I had to meet yesterday started to tell me that she was having some pain in her face ~ behind her ear starting Friday and that yesterday her eye started burning. I asked her if she was experiencing lack of taste with food and thickening of the tongue ~ yeppers. I'm not a doctor but I believe this woman was in the midst of getting Bells Palsy! How very strange is that? She had never even heard of it before and what are the odds she would tell me her symptoms and have it be the very same thing I am recovering from. She was going to make a drs appt that very afternoon.
We experienced some problems on Friday with our kitchen sink not draining ~ and drano did not help at all but the hubster put on his superhubby cloak and got to work fixing it ~ and see ~ no plumbers crack! hee hee
Tried a new mexican restaurant for dinner last night. The food and the service were "so-so" but the decor was really cool so I snapped a few photos. Doubt we'll be going back there again though so the search for good Mexican food continues.

I believe that's all the news for today that's fit to print ~ S0, how was your day?

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Trish said...

Just wondering where one might purchase a "superhubby cloak", or could you make me one? We could use one around my house every now and then. Also, and I hate to be the bearer of horrible news, but the closest good Mexican Food in your area that I ever found was in Ft Pierce. The second closest good mexican food was in Texas. Don't worry, you can stay with me!