Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Happy Tuesday!

It's always a happy day when I get a package in the mail. Today's package was compliments of Jen and Jeremy! It was a box of University of Alabama t-shirts ~ ROLL TIDE. Thanks guys. I also got a pack of Tinkerbell playing cards that Julz of course, tried to steal. I did play war with her today when we opened the package but make no mistake ~ those cards are mine!

Speaking of Julianne, she is feeling much better today. If it weren't for the fact that she could still be contagious her butt would have absolutely been in school today. What actually ended up happening here was a marathon TV day. We did get caught up with "Dancing with the Stars" ~ yes, I admit it ~ I'm hooked. Not sure yet who I'm rooting for this year but I think Wayne Newton will be going home tonight.

Got an e mail from Angie today... she went from apt dweller to home dweller ~ Congrats Angie. If any of you need her new address, just drop me a line.

Richard is still working on my new computer but has made the transition painless so far. As long as I can read my mail and write my blog, I'm good. Hopefully this weekend I will get the gift of music on my machine and maybe even my embroidery files ~ Woo hoo. I think he's hoping I'll forget about my addiction to Snood if he doesn't reload it for me ~ Not gonna happen! I need my Snood, especially when I can't sleep.

I did manage to finish up a quilt for a customer today (phew). I'll be delivering it to her on Saturday. It's a Christmas present for her daughter who got married this year. She had a fabric panel that she got everyone to sign at the wedding rehearsal dinner and had me design a quilt around it. I helped her pick out the fabrics and had her look thru some books so I'd have an idea of what she'd like. She has seen the top so far and loves it so I just had to finish quilting it for her. The little white squares in there are actually from the brides dress! The dress had to be altered and mom thought to take the scraps and save them ~ very cool.

On a sad note, I found out today that Patty had to put their dog, Maxine down. She was a sweetheart of a dog and I know she will be missed. I'm sure she and Pickle are playing around in doggie heaven already!

Well that was my day... How was yours?

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Jennifer said...

Those are some FANTASTIC shirts! What a great school!