Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Meat Loaf and Mashed Potatoes

Meatloaf and Mashed potatoes... doesn't that just say American family dinner? Well that's what we had tonight. I've actually been craving it ~ I guess it's just plain ol comfort food. Today was just a ML&MP kinda day.... just typical, average, every day American.

It started off with "National Walk Your Child to School Day" and I have to say it was quite a success. I went in early (dropped Nathaniel off at his "strings" practice) and I was one of the parents positioned along the route to school. Now most of the kids from our school live over 2 miles from the school so most are bussed in. I think I counted about 20 school buses this morning but none had more than 5 kids in them ~ some had only 1 or 2. Rather than walk the whole way to school there was a staging area set up in the Target parking lot about a mile away and at 7:30 sharp the parade began. I was pretty close to the school so it took them a while to get to me but when they did... it was pretty amazing. I would have to say that close to 80% of the school participated. Richard walked Julianne and one of her friends in and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.

I had physical therapy again today and they took it a little easy on my face because with the feeling in my face coming back there has been quite a bit of pain, nothing intolerable just sleep hindering ~ but I'm not complaining. If that's the price I have to pay, so be it. I'm telling you what, when I can smile again ~ I'll never take it for granted!

Did some volunteer stuff at the school for both teachers but they didn't have too much for me today so I took the opportunity to drive to "Historic Downtown Melbourne" and got a little Christmas shopping in. Not saying for who or what but it's present number 2 I've managed to put away. It's a start!

Had a day and a half with the kids though... I'm telling you ~ I was sane before they came along. Last night I asked Nathaniel to get his clothes out of the dryer and put them away. Today I found them in the clothes basket, still in the laundry room, under the pile of Julianne's bedding from when she was sick ~ now I've got to wash his clothes AGAIN! Of course had to tell them to pick their "stuff" up from all over the house and get their chores done which I was assured they did until after they went up to the park and I realized Julianne hadn't unloaded the dishwasher. Call them back in (after letting them play past their normal time) and gently remind (okay not really gently ~ more like ~ "Damn it, I told you to get those dished unloaded 3 times already) only to walk into the kitchen and see her unloading the dishes with DIRTY HANDS! Now I get to wash them again too. Do they just not think??? Is it just my kids??? Mom ~ wherever you are ~ I so apologize if I was like this. But really, I wasn't, was I? Fortunately they have gotten their showers, brushed their teeth and are in bed ~ PHEW.

Now for some serious groveling... to my friend Becky in NC whom I have known since we were in elementary school ~ I'm so sorry I missed your birthday on Monday. I had it down in my calendar for today. Are you sure it's always been 10/1? In any case happy birthday and since she's threatened me with my life if I posted her most recent picture that I own, here's one from the archives. This is Becky and I in October of 1971 (that's 36 years ago folks). We are all decked out and on our way to see David Cassidy in concert! We were in like 3rd row center and it was Awesome although if memory serves me he did get tangled in his fringed suit once or twice and actually forgot the words to "I think I love you" but hey ~ he was just the cutest thing ever and we were right there!

Also happy birthday to my friend Ralph. I've known him almost as long as Becky. We all went to the same elementary school (Ben Franklin in North Miami) but he was a year younger. His sister Arlene was in our class but it wasn't until I started dating his friend Robert in middle school that he and I became friends and have managed to stay in touch for the most part all these years. Here's Ralph now and then...

It's off to bed for me ~ I've got one more customer quilt to finish up before Saturday ~ That really just leaves tomorrow since I'll be in Physical Therapy on Friday and working in both classrooms. And yes, I was wrong about Wayne Newton last night but I shouldn't have been!!! Still not sure who I am voting for yet. No one in particular I like so far. Julianne's definitely voting for Sabrina the Cheetah Girl ~ no surprises there and she's right at the top of the pack so far. Could be Julianne's year! Anyway... that was my day... how was yours?
P.s. Only two more days to get your comments in!


Dani said...

hey auntie babs! i love reading this! makes me feel so in touch with you... so I guess my secret is not a secret anymore its all out in the open! I love you so much

Becky said...

OMG, I can't believe you still have that picture. Oooh la la, we were so cute. That was a wonderful night. Yes, I was born 10/1, ask Babbie, LOL. Thanks for remembering. I love you.