Tuesday, October 30, 2007

But she saved the wine!

For the last couple of days, I've really not had much to write about and was hoping for something to share with you... this, however was NOT it. Richard's mom Charlotte was on her way up here for a visit from Ft. Lauderdale. We were gonna get together and I was going to help her make a couple of purses for the gals at her doctor's office for Christmas. About noon today I got a call from a very nice gentleman telling me that my mother in law had been in an accident on I95 but that she seemed to be okay. She was about 15/20 minutes south of us and that was all I knew. I told him to tell her I was on my way and called Rich as I was getting in the car. His office is a bit further south than the house and I figured we'd get there about the same time. As I was driving down to her I realized that I had forgotten to ask which side of the northbound lane she was in ~ but then I figured I would pass on the southbound side and exit 95 and come around to the northbound. Imagine my surprise and horror when I saw the pieces of Charlotte's car all the way across the southbound lanes of I95. Miraculously she really is okay. Shes got some nasty bruises on her arms (from the stering wheel), her sternum (from the seat belt) and her hip (I'm guessing from the console in the middle of the car). I also think something hit the back of her head as that is sore as well tonight.
Basically what happened was it was raining pretty hard and all the traffic in front of her came to a sudden stop. She lost control and spun (we think that she may have been tapped from behind to spin her ~ although if so, they kept going) ~ went across the median and then all the way across the oncoming lanes of traffic. She was hit 3 different times from what we can tell. What did save her life was her seat belt and the airbags and a guardian angel. At one point the drivers door flew open but she stayed put ~ thank God. She is a bit shaken up and sore but much to the surpise of everyone on the scene she walked away from her car in tact. She really kept it together the entire time but has told me that she really thought this was the end for her. I know that her healing both physically and mentally will take some time and I'm glad that she will be here with us at least for the next few days ~ but as one of the cops on the scene said "She is one tough lady!"
It has upset us all thinking of what could have been and I, for one, will be saying a prayer of thanks to God tonight that she is still with us and doing so well.
Just so you know I am not exaggerating the situation below are a few pictures of what is left of her car.
Needless to say the car was totalled ~ she has been talking about getting a new car for a couple of months ~ I guess now is the time. Like I said, she really is doing well and on the way home after the accident she said "Hey, I managed to save the bottle of wine I was bringing up for us to share." I think tomorrow night we will open that wine and drink a toast to a very happy ending!
So, How was your day?

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