Saturday, September 29, 2007

Meeting the neighbors

So I met some of my new neighbors today. Not really the way I wanted to meet them mind you, but alls well that ends well. We have a little boy in our neighborhood We'll call "D". I had heard rumors of trouble connected with him but I like to judge people for myself rather than take someone else's word. Unfortunately some of the stuff proved true today. A bunch of the kids were out at the park today. The boys were playing football, the girls watching the boys, I suspect. In any
case "D" let loose with some rude comments about me, lewd comments about Julz, proceeded to give everyone "the finger" then threw the football and hit Nathaniel in the back of the head! (have I mentioned that "D" is 8?) Nathaniel came home practically in tears and you have never seen me bolt out of the house so fast! "D", by this time, was no longer at the park but hiding out at another mutual friends house so I went down there and called the little boy out! Let me tell you, we had a "come to Jesus" talk if there ever was one and then it was time to "meet the parents." Fortunately they were very nice people and I did start off by saying I was sorry that we had to meet under these circumstances and proceeded to tell them what had happened. They were stunned although not in disbelief cause I'm sure this wasn't a first time. They couldn't have been more apologetic and I believe it'll be a while before "D" sees the light of day again and hopefully, maybe he has learned a lesson here ~ Don't mess with me or mine!!! Of course in all the excitement I darted out of the house without my cell phone or leaving a note where I was. Left the door unlocked and Julianne at the neighbors house. In the mean time Richard shows up at home. Door is unlocked, my sewing machine is on. Cell phone on the dining room table and we are no where to be found. My car is still in the driveway and after a half an hour he is starting to worry. He said if I hadn't shown up when I did he was gonna start a "house to house" hunt. Silly me thought Julianne would come home and let him know what was going on when she saw his car in the driveway. I thought he handled the whole situation well cause I would have started calling police and hospitals immediately. Help ~ I think my family has been kidnapped!!! I do have a tendency to over react.
Speaking of new neighbors, I saw this one down at the lake. It's a really pretty spoonbill. He didn't let me get too close but close enough to take this...
Also came out the door the other day to find a 3' black snake making his way across the sidewalk. Wasn't fast enough to get a picture of him but I believe it was a harmless black racer and I was really proud of myself for not panicking. As soon as he saw me he slithered into the bushes and back out the other side and hopefully somewhere far far away. That was my day, how was yours?

ps. Look here for something fun (and shamelessly self promoting) coming in October!

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